5 Tips For Making Better Keynote Presentations


Slide presentations are a good way to communicate your ideas effectively with your bosses, clients, or students. A beautifully crafted presentation not only convey the message better but it also leaves a good impression on the audience. A good presentation may make a deal, or a bad one may break a deal for you no matter how cool the idea is that you are presenting.

Here are 5 simple tips for making keynote presentation appealing and compelling.

1. Never Use the Stock Template

It is actually not a good idea to use stock templates in your presentations. Stock templates are usually boring and made in a hurry just to get your job done. Even if a stock model is attractive, it may have been overly used thus making your presentation not unique and boring. It is also possible that someone in the audience may have used seen the same stock template which may leave a bad impression.

2. Don’t Use Complicated Fonts

Don’t use too many complex fonts, stick to one of the basic fonts. It is better to choose modern Sans Serif fonts. You can use creative and unique fonts for titles and headings but never ever use them in your body text. Also, take care of the font sizes. Keep in mind the size of the screen or projector and size of the meeting or conference hall. Make sure that the text is readable even from the last row of the hall. Don’t use too much text in your presentation, just keep the text minimal.

3. Keep a Strong Contrast Between Text and Background Image

In order to make your message easily readable always maintain a strong contrast between your text and the background image if background contains a photo or a pattern. Also, try to use different color text in your titles and body text to emphasize and differentiate between body text and headlines (Try not to use more than two or three colors in your text). Also, try to make your headline text bolder and bigger. It is also a good idea to use separators between the body text and headlines.

4. Use Appropriate Images In the Background

A great presentation is not complete without appropriate graphics, images, and photos. It is a good idea to use a related fullscreen background photo to the slide whenever possible. Make sure to use skinny or fat bars of solid colors above over the background and beneath the text to make your text visible. Also use graphics, with your texts as graphics attract eyes and convey the message effectively.

5. Don’t Use Too Many Distractive Transitions

No matter how much you may like to include cool transition effects in your presentations don’t overdo it. Do not use more than one transition effect in your presentation and that one too should be simple and not distractive. The focus of the audience should be on the matter of the subject, not the transitions.

If you are still unable to make your presentations appealing or are on a tight schedule, you can use some good free keynote templates from third party designers. They are more attractive than the stock presentation templates and used more often.