17 Cool New Watch Faces For Android Wear


Google Launches 17 New watch faces for Android Wear

17 Cool New Watchfaces For Android Wear

Google and Apple has been battling each other in the smartphone OS game for quite sometime now. But, during the last two years the tech giants have found a new battleground to wrestle with each other. It is the battle for smart watch business. Both of the tech giants are busy adding new features to their operating systems for smart watches to gain and edge over each other. Google is trying to enhance those features, which its rival lacks. 

In a recent move Google Announced 17 new watch faces in association with third-party developers for smart watches running on Android Wear, thus increasing the possibilities for users to customize these devices. Currently the Google Play Store has over 1500 watch faces available for download. New designs include entries from Hello Kitty and Angry Birds, as well as designers Cynthia Rowley and Lulu Frost as well as watch faces from brands such as Bang & Olufsen. The new watch faces will work across all the Android Wear line-up, which includes hardware from Sony, Motorola and LG.

Those of you who own smart watches running on Android Wear should head to the new watch faces page and download a cool new watch face for their watch to have a distinctive appearance from their friends.

In fact there are a few quite brilliant watch faces that can be downloaded for free so there is no harm in trying one.

Below are a few of the 17 new watch faces for Android Wear Smartwatches that google has launched recently




hello-kitty-watch-face-2-for-android-wear hello-kitty-watch-face-for-android-wear hello-kitty-watch-face-3-for-android-wear

moods-of-norway-watch-face-for-android-wear moods-of-norway-watch-face-4-for-android-wear moods-of-norway-watch-face-3-for-android-wear moods-of-norway-watch-face-2-for-android-wear


efva-attling-watch-face-3-for-android-wear-smartwatches efva-attling-watch-face-2-for-android-wear-smartwatches efva-attling-watch-face-1-for-android-wear-smartwatches

angry-birds-watch-face-sony-smartwatch angry-birds-watch-face-motorola-360-smartwatches angry-birds-watch-face-1-for-android-wear-smartwatches

We hope you have like these cool new watch faces for Android wear. If you don’t like them, don’t worry, there has been lots of new watches added to the google playstore which we have linked to above in the description of this page.