5 Best Portable Wireless Keyboards for Smartphones & Tablets


Smartphones and tablets are getting smarter and powerful with each passing day. Smartphones and tablets can now not only open full-fledged HTML5 websites but can also be used to manage spreadsheets and type all kinds of documents. Today, more people are browsing the internet using a smartphone than a laptop or desktop PC. Advanced tablets like Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface tablets are seen as the future replacements of a laptop. But, there is one issue with these devices. Despite the incredible improvements in the touch keyboards on these devices, it is still faster and more convenient to type on a traditional physical keyboard than touch keyboard found on a tablet. Luckily there are dozens of efficient portable wireless keyboards available that can be used with not only your tablet but can also be used with a phone.

Below are 5 of the best Portable Wireless keyboards for Phones and tablets that will make typing on the phone or tablet very easy and efficient.

5 Best Portable Wireless Keyboards

  1. Logitech K400 Plus

Logitech K400 is an amazing plug and play portable wireless keyboard ideal to be used with a tablet or a smart TV. The keyboard comes with a built-in touchpad thus saving you the hassle of a separate keyboard and mouse. The effective wireless range is 10 meter. Another great feature of the K400 Plus is the (promised) 18-month battery life. Logitech K400 Plus is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows 10, Android 5.0 or above, and Chrome OS.

  1. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

Anker is a trusted Chinese brand that offers a number of mobile accessories. Anker Ultra Compact Slim Keyboard is very portable and offers a large battery. The company promises up to six months battery life with 2 hours daily use. The keys are comfortable and provide a nice tactile feedback. This Anker keyboard is very much affordable priced at just $20 and is ideal for phones and tablets.

  1. Vortex Core 40%

Vortex Core 40% is an incredible portable keyboard with for those who use to type a lot. What differentiates the Vortex Core 40% from the rest of the keyboard mentioned here is that it is a mechanical keyboard. Vortex Core 40% is programmable but with a few limitations. The keyboard is extremely compact and has amazing build quality. The Keyboard comes in a sleek aluminum with floating key design. For its price, it is the best portable mechanical keyboard you will ever find on the market.

  1. Logitech K480

Logitech K480 is a beautiful looking compact Bluetooth keyboard with a special cradle for phones and tablets. The keys are well placed and easy to type. It comes with a dedicated easy-switch dial for typing on three Bluetooth devices. Logitech K480 comes with 1-year limited hardware warranty.

  1. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is one of the most portable keyboards in the market. With its unique foldable design manages to cram a full-sized keyset into a tiny package. Despite its very slim design the keyboard is very comfortable to type on. The unique spill resistance design makes it able to withstand a few splashes of coffee or water.