90% of the Note 7 owners opts to replace their phones with S7


The greatest phone ever made by Samsung has been plagued by the never ending battery issue. After the explosions of many replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices Samsung has issued another recall. Most of the carriers and Samsung retail partners are already offering full refunds or free replacement phones to Note 7 owners.


Samsung has also offered monetary incentives to those who choose to return their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units. If you choose to exchange your Galaxy Note7 with any other Samsung smartphone, Samsung will offer you $100 in bill credit. If you want to exchange your Note 7 with a smartphone from any other brand, you will be offered $25 in bill credit. If you are going for a full refund you will be offered $25 in bill credit, any potential price difference will also be reimbursed.

There were speculations of a serious fallout in terms of trust towards Samsung’s brand but those speculations seem to be nowhere near reality as 90% of the Note7 owners are choosing to replace their phones for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The retailers in Taiwan have confirmed this trend and it might very well be the case in other countries as well. If you are Note 7 owner, will you replace your Note 7 with another phone from Samsung? Let us know in the comments.