Affinity Photo Image Editing Software Now in Public Beta For Windows


If you have owned a Macbook before, you might be familiar with the Affinity Photo. If not, Affinity Photo is an excellent image editing software for Mac similar to Adobe Photoshop. It provides professional photography tools in an easy to use workspace designed for fast performance. Affinity Photo has been able to score the best Mac app of 2015 Award, awarded by Apple.


Today we have got some good news for all those Windows users who have been longing for this software to come to Windows. The Affinity Photo has been launched for Windows in a free public beta. According to the developer Serif, the Windows version has all the features found in the Mac version of the software. The photo files are also cross-compatible between Mac and Windows. There is also support for PSD files. The best thing about Affinity Photo is that there is a dedicated RAW editing workspace and is compatible with all major camera file formats. The rich RAW editing features make it a good competitor for the Adobe Lightroom too.


Though the software might have the same goal as the Adobe Photoshop, to make your photos awesome, I love the fact that the Affinity Photo can be purchased for one-time free unlike the subscription model of the Adobe Photoshop. The beta version of the Affinity Photo can be used for free, however, it will require you to pay a one-time fee of $49.99 when the final version launches on the Windows platform. The one-time fee of $49.99 will get you the full software plus future updates so there is no good reason not to try this one.

To try the Affinity Photo for free on a Windows machine, you are required to sign up for the Affinity Photo beta. Have you used Affinity Photo before? How do you rank it against the Adobe Photoshop? Will you try the beta version of the Affinity Photo on a Windows machine? Kindly let us know in the comments below. Share this piece of info with all your photographer friends on social media.