Angry Birds Epic Review: Angry Birds RPG

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Angry Birds go RPG with Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic

angry birds epic

Rovio’s Angry Birds series has won the hearts of millions over the past four years, I am not one of those though. I liked it when I played it for the first time but then it got boring for me. Angry Birds got a lot of praise for its addictive gameplay, comical but great graphics, awesome audio effects and low price. Looking at the great success of the first game Rovio released many sequels to the game and each one of them was a hit. All those sequels had the same type of gameplay with different themes. In December 2013 Rovio released Angry Birds Go! a Mario Kart style racer, something completely different from the formula. With Angry Birds Epic Rovio is going RPG (Role Playing Game), taking the birds and the pigs and plonking them in a turn-based RPG (Role Playing Game).

Though Angry Birds Epics has no towns, citizens or side quests, you will find different character s classes, different enemy types and upgradeable weapons and armours. There is also a storyline as you will find in any RPG, the characters do not speak but you will still enjoy these little cutscenes as they add a fun perspective to the game. The story begins in a usual Angry Birds game manner – those badass green pigs have once again stolen the birds’ eggs making them angry. The Angry Birds have immediately started their epic quest to recover their stolen eggs from those evil pigs. The story advances through animated cutscenes that play out between chapters and events. I don’t like a storyline getting in the way of  my gaming  but the cutscenes in Angry Birds Epic are interestingly funny. Still if you don’t like it you can skip it with a tap.

angry bird epic rpg
Angry Bird Epic is a turn based RPG

There is no slingshot involved in Angry Birds Epic. To attack you have to drag the bird onto a pig, tapping the bird activate a defensive shield around the birds making the bird less prone to the attack and at the same time reversing some damage. There is also a hot chilli pepper involved that activates a special attack.

angry birds gameplay
Drag a bird on to another one to combine their powers

The Combat in Angry Birds Epic appears simple and boring at first but that is necessary to introduce the player to the game’s mechanics, The first few level acts as a tutorial that gets you warmed up for the real challenge ahead. As you advance in the Angry Birds Epic it gets interesting. The quest begins with Red bird as the sole hero. You will be also joined by the allies when you advance further in the game. Drag one bird onto another  bird to buff their stats. There are different kinds of bad piggies to fight with. Some of the Pigs charges big attacks, some throw up a smoke screen, attack specific birds, heal fallen allied pigs and can also call more pigs onto the battlefield.

Angry Birds Fight
Each Character has its own abilities

In Angry birds Epic, every bird has its own abilities, The Red one that you start with is a knight dealing heavy one-to-one melee attacks. The Yellow one Chuck is a wizard dealing small attacks on all the pigs at once. Later in the game you unlock a white bird Matilda, which acts as a doctor healing the fellow birds. Matilda also has the ability to perform a simple melee attacks. The attack damage and defence can be increased by updating weapons and shields.  You will also need to prepare certain recipes to increase your fighting abilities in Angry Birds Epic.

angry birds map

How do you win in the Angry Birds Epic? You win the game by keeping at least one of the birds alive while killing all the pigs. At the end of the round you are rewarded with stars ranging from one to three. The less damage you take, the more stars you will be rewarded with. The more stars you get, the more materials you get to upgrade your weapons and armor in Angry Birds Epic. At the end of each round you also get a chance to spin a chocolate wheel giving you one, two or three materials.

In Angry Birds Epic you will also find treasure chests at different locations on the map as you go forward. The treasure chest gives you potions, coins and recipes for weapons upgrades. There are three kinds of coins used to buy recipes. You can buy simple recipes with silver coins. Gold coins are used to buy spins on a slot machine which gives you some powerful recipes. Then there are Gems which are used to buy spins on the wheels.The Gold coins are very slow to gather while the silver are gathered quickly you can purchase the Gold coins from the store but at a very steep price. You get only 100 gold coins for $5.15 which you can then use buy 1250 silver coins.


  1. In app purchases are very costly
  2. There are no parental gates so, if your kid enters in app store you should be prepared for the worse.
  3. The game requires you to be online to play the game. which means you cannot play it without Wi-Fi access on a Wi-Fi only device.
  4. The game takes a lot of time to load

Overall Rovio has done a great job by transforming the traditional Angry Birds experience in to an interesting and fun RPG in form of Angry Birds Epic. The game gets more and more interesting as you advance in the game. The cutscenes in the animated storyline are amusing. Its a job well done from Rovio.