Apple iPhone 7 Plus VS Galaxy Note 7 camera comparison


A new video posted on Youtube shows the Apple iPhone 7 Plus take on the Galaxy Note 7 in a camera shootout. The Youtuber takes different tests checking every aspect of the cameras on both smartphones. The Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with two 12MP cameras on the back. One camera is a standard 12MP camera with 28mm lens and f/1.8  apperture while the other one is a 12MP telephoto lens with 28 mm lens and f2.8 apperture. The second lens is used by Apple to provide 2X optical zoom as claimed by Apple. On the front there is a 7MP selfie camera with f2.2 apperture and is abble to record 1080p videos at 30fps. Check out complete specs of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on the other hand is equipped with a 12MP main shooter with 26mm lens and f/1.7. Galaxy Note 7 uses a larger 1.4 µm pixel thus enabling it to capture more light coupled with f/1.7 apperture size. On the front there is a 5MP selfie came with 22mm lense and f/1.7 apperture. As you can see the Apple iPhone 7 looks better on paper mainly due to the dual camera setup on the back. To see how it performs in real life, watch the video below. Check out the complete Galaxy Note 7 Specs here.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera Comparison