Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King: An exciting upcoming VR Game


The VR (Virtual Reality)industry is pretty new and there is a very limited quantity of good content available in form of games and videos. There are very few studios working on content for VR due to the infancy of the VR industry and very limited market. One such studio is Bailer Studios which is working on an exciting title for the HTC Vive VR. Asymmetrical War: Rise of the Dark King is an upcoming multiplayer action game for the HTC Vive that will also be ported to the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Asymmetrical War: Rise of the King is set in the year 2129 on an imaginary moon Titan II. The developer promises great visuals and exciting tank battles. Enemy tanks will not be the only concern for you in the game. You will also be up against extreme terrors of nature. The game developer has explained one such scene on their website.

Imagine yourself in a Tank Battle on the broken moon of Titian II, enemy tanks race over an active volcano, spewing hot melting lava, while engaging in battle, an F5 tornado begins to form over the active volcano producing a Fire Breathing Lava Tornado coming Toward You

On Top of that, an Earth Quake begins, triggering an Avalanche racing toward your position…it’s an energetic environment packed with Non-Stop Relentless Action, A Dark Story-line with Bold Decisions and Enchanting Worlds Like No-other.

Imagine watching that scene on a virtual reality gadget as great as the HTC Vive. Though we haven’t yet seen much of what’s in the game as the game is yet its early production phase. All we have is a very early gameplay video and static artwork. And if the game looks as good as the artworks suggests we might just have a breathtaking VR experience.

The game promises a unique storyline. The game tells the story of a future world where the machines and the humans are busy fighting each other on an imaginary moon called Titan 2. You play the game as General Christophe Bettencourt a retired three-star General. You have been called back to the army by the Solar Federation of Planets to lead the war against the machines.

The Machines are led by a powerful artificially intelligent machine called “Anti”. Anti was made by the humans to defend the Earth from Alien invasions and Anti did that successfully. He single handily wiped out all the Alien armies. With time Anti’s artificial intelligence got so smarter that developed consciousness, ego, and green to gain power. Eventually, he turned on his creators, the humans killing scores of them and defeating them everywhere with the help of other machines.

The whole story of the game is choice driven. Every choice you make affects the story. You will be sometimes presented with choices based on morality, whether to choose Light or Darkness. Will you choose the light and a difficult path or a dark one but easy? The game may have many endings based on the choices you make. The overall concept of the game while seems overwhelming there are many aspects of the game suggesting this could be a great game for the VR when the final version is out.