Battling Paraphrase Plagiarism Using Plagiarism Checker


From the many forms of plagiarism, paraphrase plagiarism is one of the most common forms. A lot of people commit this either because they fail to successfully accomplish an appropriate paraphrase or just because they forget to include the most important parts of a paraphrase. Since paraphrase plagiarism can result in serious punishments, you want to prevent yourself from committing it either by using a plagiarism checker tool or by knowing different writing techniques to avoid it. But still, the most effective way would be to use both.

What is Paraphrase Plagiarism?

Paraphrase plagiarism is one of the forms of plagiarism. It is committed when a person paraphrases a phrase, sentence, or paragraph in order to extract the idea of another author without giving credit to that author or without asking permission from that author. Paraphrase plagiarism can occur by incorrect paraphrasing. it can also occur if you fail to add the sources to the paraphrased sentence, phrase, or paragraph.

Incorrect paraphrasing

Incorrect paraphrasing happens when you create a paraphrase that is not good enough to be considered as being written with your own words. Doing so would result to paraphrase plagiarism. To avoid this, you must practice paraphrasing correctly. However, if you think that paraphrasing a text would result in a loss of its original meaning, then just resort to using direct quotations.

Failure to Cite

Even if one can paraphrase correctly but fails to add the sources or citations to those paraphrased sentences, phrases, or paragraphs, then it is still a form of paraphrase plagiarism. Thus in order to avoid this, one should always add the sources or citations to paraphrased details and information.


If you do not avoid paraphrase plagiarism, you may receive serious punishments. If you are a student from a school or university, you may get suspended or expelled from it. If you are a blogger or website owner or writer, committing paraphrase plagiarism would result to decline in your website rankings.

To avoid these things from happening, you should use the plagiarism checker tool. This tool would help you detect duplicate contents on the web and point out the websites that contain the exact same text as yours. It would, therefore, help you know if you have committed paraphrase plagiarism. It is very accurate since it scans billions of web pages on the internet to look for exactly similar contents. To use the tool, go to