The Benefits of Coloring Books and Online Coloring Pages

The-benefits-of-coloring-and-online-coloring pages-infographic

Adult coloring books are one of the top sellers on today. One of the biggest reasons on why they are such a big hit is that these coloring pages tend to cater to all ages groups and people of interest. At the same time, it’s also been found that coloring can be great for stress relief and mindfulness. Through the infographic below, provided by, we can take a look at the many benefits of coloring.

The-benefits-of-coloring-and-online-coloring pages-infographic

You might be surprised to find out, but it’s true. There was over $12 million spent on coloring books in the year of 2015, and that number just continues to keep growing. At the same time, coloring books are quickly finding themselves on the top ranking charts of all books listed on Amazon. Given the popularity of these books, it’s no surprise to find categories and niche focuses of all sizes. For example, if you like coloring animals, there is a whole selection of literally thousands of animal related coloring guides for you to choose from. You can also choose coloring books based on their complexity and how thick the lines are in between drawings. The concept of coloring and relieving stress actually goes back nearly 100 years, when Carl Jung was the first to prescribe adult coloring to his psychiatry patients. Not only did he find the practice worked extremely well, he also found it was something they enjoyed working on too. There are many other benefits to drawing as well, such as finding relief with such issues as PTSD, anxiety, and stress. You may also find that coloring can help bring back fun memories of when you were a kid and simply had few things to stress about.

You might also be surprised to learn that coloring can also make you a smarter person. The intricate mandala design prompt users to identify which set of colors to use, and which sections to color first. This helps with brain function and improves problem-solving and organizational skills. While all of this is going on, different areas of the brain are also being triggered and used as well. Coloring is actually much more beneficial than just creating something pretty to show to your friends.

There are many different benefits to coloring, and I highly recommend you check out some of the free coloring pages offered through Original Coloring Pages. To see even more coloring books on, check out this list of books from the author of this infographic. Also, if you ever find yourself browsing through Amazon and looking at the top 100 books on the site, you will likely find a few coloring books making their way into the top 100 listing out of all books on Amazon. Check it out and you might find one you really enjoy.