Best Android Camera Apps 2015

best android camera apps

Some of the Best Android Camera Apps that let you take awesome photos

best android camera apps

Now that mobile phones comes with more and more powerful cameras, the trend of mobile photography is at its peak. People love to take awesome photos on their smartphones and share it online to social networks such as facebook and Google Plus. The fact that you are on this page means you also love to take photos with your smartphones. Now Smartphones from major smartphone brands such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Huawei comes with some awesome built-in camera apps. But, sadly some manufacturers are unable to provide their phones with good camera apps. For, users having such phones there are many alternative third Party apps on Google Play Store which they can try. All these third party apps offers their own unique sets of features. Even if your built-in app is great, it is still a good option to have some of these third party apps which may offer certain features which you won’t find in your built-in camera app. In the list below we have gathered some of the bsst Android Camera Apps that you may find useful.

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Best Android Camera Apps 2015

Google Camera


Google has now released its own camera app to the play store so every one can enjoy it no matter which device you have .Unlike the previous Google camera, Google camera 2 has improved a lot, Google camera 2 has the ability to take quick shots. Its a must have app as it  brings some advanced options like Lens Blur , 360 degree Panorama and Photo Sphere. which is a very welcome feature. Unlike most of those complex and confusing camera apps, Google Camera has a very simple and easy to use interface. However my favorite feature is the option to adjust the focus of an image after you capture it. While the earlier version of Google camera was not very much impressive. Google Camera is now one of the best android camera apps around.

Price: Free. Download

Phtoto Wonder


Photo Wonder is an unknown but one of the best android camera apps from a third party developer. Photo Wonder is a perfect camera app from the chinese search giant Baidu.Inc. Photo Wonder let you take wonderful snaps with crisp color and good light catching capabilities. Photo Wonder is fast to load and quick to capture. With Photo Wonder you can quickly share your snap to social networks. Photo Wonder comes with 7 cools filters.

Price: Free. Download

Camera Zoom FX


Camera Zoom FX is an awesome app with some great features like time-lapse, timer, stable shots and burst mode. It also has a lot of settings with an attractive user interface, which make this app unique among all other camera apps. Camera Zoom FX also has tons of  cool effects and frames. Camera Zoom FX has been able to pack many positive reviews from top tech experts. It has been named has  the best android camera app developed by a third party developer.

Price: $2.99. Download

 ProCapture 2.0


Another Best Android camera apps is ProCapture 2.ProCapture 2 app is the completely redesigned version of the the ProCapture app. Procapture 2 holds some advanced features like Burst, Noise Reduction, Timer, Panorama, Photo sphere and Wide Shot with some great detail. Note: Scene modes has its own default settings so if you are using scenes you may not be able to change certain settings. For a limited time the app is available for an introductory price of $0.99, but the regular price is $3.99.

Price: $0.99. Download

Perfectly Clear

perfectly clear

Perfectly Clear is a great camera app for taking professional-like photos with its award-winning technology that eliminate the image distortion created by the camera with 12 automatic corrections. It more like a photo editor. Perfectly lets you take some very detailed (in some cases over detailed) HDR images.

Price: $2.99. Download

Camera FV-5


Camera FV-5 is the best Android camera app for those who don’t want to rely on automatic camera settings. Camera FV-5 is a professional camera app for smartphones. It features DSLR-like manual controls which enables you to take the best raw photographs for later post-processing to achieve stunning results. This app is designed for professional photographers and enthusiasts who can really benefit from its great features. If you haven’t used manual controls on camera before you may not make it to a good use.

Price: $3.99. Download

Camera Awesome


Camera Awesome is now available for Android, previously on iPhone. It features that sleek design of iPhone and gives you some nice 100+ artistic effects. It contain all the basic features without which a camera app is incomplete, like insta-edit, Burst shot, rotate, Image Stabilization and crop etc.

Price: $2.99. Download



Vignette is a great camera app with some rich customizable filters which gives your photos a nice professional look. In addition it also shares the basic options/features of all other camera apps.

Price: Free. Download