Best Free Windows Phone 8 Games For Lumia Phones 2015


Here are some of the best free Windows Phone 8 Games for Lumia Phones and other Windows Phone 8 running device.


Playing games has become one of the most prominent uses of a modern smartphone. Playing games are good way to kill some spare time. Today the mobile gaming has evolved to such level which you could have only dreamed of 7 years ago. While Android and iOS users has enjoyed tons of high quality games over the years, now Windows phone also has developed a healthy portfolio of high quality mobile games. These games can be played on any Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 powered devices. But there is a problem, besides high quality and fun games, the Windows Phone store is full of low quality junk games. Its a very frustrating process to try out all that junk in order to find the best. In this article we have tried to gather some of the best Free Windows Phone 8 Games available on the Windows Phone 8 store. We will keep adding more games to the best free Windows Phone 8 Games so don’t forget to come back soon for more games.

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Best Free Windows Phone 8 Games 2015

Don’t touch the spikes (Download)


Don’t touch the spikes is a nice combination of Flappy Bird and Pong, except the graphics don’t suck. In Don’t Touch The Spikes players are required to guide a bird from wall to wall without touching the spikes. The Game is played simply by taping on the screen to keep the bird flying. Just try to time your taps correctly avoidinng hitting the spikes. Each time the bird the a wall you gain one point. The game is addictive and fun to play.

Major Mayhem WP (Download)


Major Mayhem is another great action packed side scroller which is also free. Despite being a side scroller, the game offers some great 3D visuals which are crisp and pleasing to the eye. The controls are responsive and the animations are fluid. All you have to do is brainless shooting, yeah shoot whatever comes in your way mostly ninjas, Russian mafias, desert fighters, mummies and the likes of it.. But, what matters is that the game is fun to play. The controls are dead simple, the character moves itself, all you are required to do is to tap on the target.

Subway Surfers (Download)


It is just not possible that you don’t know about this game. You might have played this game already on your Android, iOS or even the Windows Phone 8 device that you own now. Subway surfer has been a hit on both the Android and iOS and finally its also available on the Windows Phone Store. Subway Surfer is one of the most played endless runner games on the mobile platforms. I prefer it over all endless runner games because of its smooth gameplay, character detail and stunning graphics and brand new cities and environments that comes every now and then.

Real Steel World Robot (Download)


Real steel is a robot boxing free Windows Phone game based on the Dreamworks movie. The game posseses great 3D visuals (but nowhere near that of Android & iOS) )with smooth animations and excellent audio effects. The gameplay is similar to that of Blood &  Glory.

Hexic (Download)


Hexic is another awesome puzzle game where you are required to spin and match hexex through hundred cool levels in this super addictive puzzle game.

Jelly Puzzle (Download)


Its a match three game and there is candy involved but believe me, this game is nothing like Candy Crush Saga. Jelly Puzzle is a cool puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more candies and clear the board.  The game tests your and skill and strategy while clearing all the levels.

 Asphalt 8 Airborne (Download)


Asphalt 8 Airborne is a fast paced car racing game with console class 3D graphics and engaging gameplay. It is not simple racing anymore in order to succeed in the game you also have to perform certain stunts. Do flips, twists and spins to score maximum points. The gameplay is smooth and simple. The graphics are crisp and vibrant. Asphalt 8 Airborne has everything well in place.

Road Rash: Jailbreak (Download)


Long long ago it was one of my favorite games on play-station. I was shocked to see it on Windows Phone Store. Couldn’t help myself to download it and I am still loving it after a week. If you haven’t played it before, Road Rash is a cool addictive game in which you being part of a bike gang move up through the organisation by completing challenges and winning races. You are also equipped with weapons like nunchakus, mace crowbars and a cattle prod, but be warned, you are not the only one with weapons.

Dragon’s Revenge (Download)


Dragon’s Revenge is a nice arcade style game with beautiful visuals with very easy controls. In Dragon Revenge you are playing as a dragon who is determined to destroy everything that it sees in its way, from building to trees to cows your job is to bring destruction on the poor villages. Evil! The game has unlimited number of levels where you have to fly your dragon accross the sky, attacking villages and collecting gold.

Elements Defender

 Deadly Puzzles (Download)


If you are the one who loves to play find the hidden object type mystery games, deadly puzzle is worth a try. Deadly Puzzles is an mystery game that blends together elements of both psychological and crime thrillers. The game is fast paced unlike many other mystery finding games. The graphics looks cool and realistic just like any other find the hidden object game.

Age of Wind 3 (Download)


Age of wind 3 is a pirate battle game. Full of action, you have to come across mines fight your rivals with cannons. You can built up your resources and crew. It has tutorials which will help you through the game.

Box it (Download)


Box it is a very challenging game. You have to cover certain percentage of area in blocks in order to progress to next level. That can be done by drawing line across the platform before the moving dots touches your line or you will loose a life. There are plenty of levels to keep you busy.

Hyper Cell (Download)


In this game you have to pass through each cell without get hit by an obstacle or lazer, you can jump, dash to move forward or bachward.

Neon Battleground (Download)


Its a multi-player game in which you control a ship and fight other players and collect coins to upgrade and advance.

Neonize (Download)


In this game your ship is at the centre of the screen and enemies are attacking from all directions. Your goal is to shoot them all before they hit you as they get faster and faster.

Tentacles! Enter the Mind (Download)


Tentacles: enter the mind is no doubt the best free Windows Phone 8 game with some great looking visuals which appears to have got the inspiration from the iOS hit Monument Valley. In this game you act as a weird character Lemmy  who is  inside the subconscious of a mad professor to collect coins, eat eyeballs of other creatures and build up your power. Survive as long as you can to save the mad doctor.