10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

In the previous article, we told you about the 5 cool new features that the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has. In today’s article we want to let you know about the top 10 features That the latest and greatest Samsung device i.e the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has to offer. Yes, you read it right, you didn’t fall into a deep sleep and somehow missed the Galaxy Note 6 Samsung simply decided to jump up from the Galaxy Note 5 up to the Note 7 and what that does is keep the branding between the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series uniform. Below are the 10 best features that make the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the best Note ever.

IRIS Scanner


The number one on the list is the Note 7 IRIS scanner. The IRIS scanner allows you to unlock your phone with your eyes. There’s an infrared sensor that works in conjunction with a camera which allows the phone to scan your eyes.  Set up is quick, fast and honestly, it works really well. Now this is by no means meant to replace a fingerprint because oftentimes that is going to be much quicker to unlock your phone. This is simply another option and an extra layer of security for this does work well though if you want to unlock a picture or a document is located inside a secure folder. You can even use it to store passwords to log into websites.
The only downside of that is it does require Samsung’s web browser to work so if you’re into chrome or anything else for that matter you’re out of luck. But if you’re cool with using the stock browser and it works as advertised then that is a great option to use.

Water Resistance


 Just like the Galaxy S7, the Galaxy Note 7 is also water resistant. Now hands down my favorite thing about this is the fact that Samsung was able to do this without sacrificing design. There’s no ugly port covers, just a really good looking phone. So because you’re able to get that added protection without having a TT case or have it look like the Galaxy S7 active which is one of the least attractive phones this year that is a giant win.

A Much More Efficient S-Pen


The S-Pen is the biggest feature which differentiates the Note line of phones from the rest of the crowd and the Note 7’s S-Pen is better than ever. Now for sure the biggest feature with the new S-Pen is, this time, you cannot stick it in backward and effectively wreck your pen. That was one of the biggest problems with the Note 5. What was weird is no one seemed to believe it until he tried it for themselves. So it’s a small thing but the fact you cannot do that on the Note 7 is a plus.
On the technical side, Note 7’s S-Pen is more precise than ever. With the Note 5 tip on its S-Pen came in at 1.6 mm whereas with the Note 7 it’s S-Pen is only 0. 7 mm. What this offers is a more precise and more responsive experience whether you’re drawing or writing and if you’ve ever used the S-Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 you would, of course, think it works really well. but it’s only when you compare them side-by-side that you see a huge difference. You should read our article on the 5 cool new features of the Note 7’s S-Pen to know in detail what goodies do the Note 7’s S-Pen offer.

A Gorgeous Display


The next up is the Galaxy Note 7’s display. It’s a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 and you guessed it right, it looks gorgeous. One giant feature the Samsung is going to be pushing is HDR video and don’t get me wrong that is awesome when software works with hardware but the problem is as it right now it’s only going to work with amazon and it’s not out yet  So we’re really gonna have to wait and see until we get excited.
Beyond that, there really isn’t anything to complain about with the display. The phone itself feels great in your hand it’s a great size and whether you’re watching a video or playing games it all looks fantastic.

Always On Display


The next up number five is Samsung’s always on display and what’s really cool with the Galaxy Note 7 is that it combines it’s always on display with its screen-off memo. This allows you to whip out your S-Pen and quickly jot down notes or lists and pin it onto your screen and then view it with always on display for up to an hour.

A Glorious Camera


number six is the Galaxy Note 7’s camera. Now as far as the front shooter goes, The Note 7 is rocking a 5-megapixel front shooter and in addition to a solid megapixel count, you’re also getting a nice wide field of view which is awesome for selfies. Where the  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to shine though is its rear camera which features a dual pixel 12-megapixel sensor which is nearly identical to the Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 is hands down one of the best smartphone camera options out right now with Note 7 you’re going to get that exact same quality if not better.

A Cleaner TouchWiz


With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes a much cleaner and visually appealing User Interface. I think we can all agree as far as Samsung and TouchWiz go they never had the cleanest or the prettiest interfaces but with no 7 there’s actually a pretty solid improvement. It’s softer, it’s less clunky, offers subtle nice touches like being able to change the colors on your folders and on top of that, even little things like your lock screen be able to change color when you rotate it so overall this is a much-welcomed improvement.

microSd Card Slot for Storage Junkies Like Me


The number 8 is News for You storage junkies out there. Get excited because the Note 7 features micro SD card expansion so this is blended right in with the sim tray. This is going to allow you to expand storage up to 256 gigabytes.

USB Type-C Port


Now so far we’ve seen a ton of similarities between the Galaxy S7 and the Note 7 but number nine something completely different i.e the inclusion of USB type-c. Unfortunately, USB type-c is not going to bring Quick Charge 3.0 to the Note 7. It is still going to be Quick Charge 2.0. I am a fan of the movement towards USB type-c it’s much easier in the sense that you can plug it in either way and I cannot wait until all I need to carry around with me are USB type-c cables.

A Sizeable Battery


lastly, number 10 is the Galaxy Note 7’s battery which sizes in at 3500 mAh. Honestly, I wish Samsung maybe would have reached a little higher as far as better life goes maybe somewhere in the 4000 mAh range but nonetheless it’s the biggest capacity on any Samsung Galaxy Note device and should get you through the day. On top of the bigger battery, Samsung has also introduced a deeper level of control of battery life so no longer do you have just a couple basic modes. You can actually really dive in there, dig deep, and fine-tune it to your needs.
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