Amazon to License its Android Appstore to BlackBerry

blackberry amazon deal
BlackBerry CEO John Chen

Great News for BlackBerry Users: According to new deal between BlackBerry and Amazon, BlackBerry users will have access to Amazon’s app catalog of more than 250,000 apps

blackberry amazon deal
BlackBerry CEO John Chen

While after the BB10.2.1 update Blackberry users are able to run Android apps on their BlackBerry devices easily. BlackBerry is determined to bring more apps to its users by having a deal with Amazon. The deal will make the BlackBerry device owners able to have full access to 250,000 apps present on Amazon App Store. But BlackBerry have to wait till BlackBerry 10.3 is launched this fall. While Amazon Appstore isn’t as big as Google Play Store, it still has more than 240,000 apps in its catalog. This is going to be a real dealbreaker for BlackBerry would hopefully let it gain some of its last market share.

“We can leverage what (Amazon) can offer,” and gain access to BlackBerry’s customers, BlackBerry chief executive officer John Chen, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview.

“Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for enterprises,” Chen said in a release announcing the deal.

According to BlackBerry it will be working with Amazon to integrate its developer community’s apps into the Amazon Appstore before bring it live, so that its developers can benefit from Amazon tools. While deal will benefit both the Amazon and BlackBerry, the real benefits of the deal will be enjoyed by the BlackBerry owners. BlackBerry users can currently choose from 130,000 apps which a marginally lower number than that of Apple and Google users. With Amazon partnership BlackBerry users will have access to more than 240,000 apps including popular apps Like Netflix, Candy Crush Saga, Groupon etc.

Mean while if you cannot wait till the release of BlackBerry OS 10.3, Follow this tutorial, ” How to install Android Apps on BlackBerry Z10” to install from around 250,000 apps on your BlackBerry 10 running device. Note This tutorial works for every device running BB10.2.1.

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