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10 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features

In the previous article, we told you about the 5 cool new features that the S-Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has. In today's article we want to let you...

Best Free Multiplayer Android Games 2016

10 of the best free Multiplayer Android Games for the Year 2016 Playing games have always been fun. I love playing video games, whether it is an FPS, puzzle, strategy or adventure....

Top 10 Best Photography Apps For Android 2017

Here is my list of the 10 Best Photography Apps for Android for the year 2017 Smartphones cameras have been improved so much during the last couple of years that it has...

Ghost of memories is a Monument Valley like puzzle game

Game developer Paplus International comes with a new Monument Valley like Puzzle game for Android & iOS. The new game Ghost of Memories brings with it tricky perception-based puzzles. It has...

7 Important Tips to Prevent Identity Theft and Malware Attacks

Identity theft costs insurance companies millions every year because people are a little careless when it comes to protecting themselves from malware attacks. If you have a PC or any device...

Jet Run City Defender Review

Jet Run City Defender is a stunningly beautiful endless runner with a shooter in itJet Run City Defender is an endless runner done right. Previously we have seen some great endless...

5 Tips For Making Better Keynote Presentations

Slide presentations are a good way to communicate your ideas effectively with your bosses, clients, or students. A beautifully crafted presentation not only convey the message better but it also leaves...

WhenDidI: A Must Have Event Tracking App That Keeps You Organized

Memory loss is a big problem and almost everyone today is suffering from it. At least this is what I have noticed in people surrounding me. Our lives have become too...

How to Install Android L Preview Version on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Guide to Install Android L Preview Version on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7As you might all know Google unveiled a developer preview of its Latest Android "L" update, But why a...

Dude Perfect 2 For Android & iPhone Review

Dude Perfect 2 is an Angry Birds like fun trick shot game for Android and iPhone based on YouTube sensation Dude Perfect Team. The Dude Perfect YouTube team is known for...

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