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rival knights

Rival Knights Review: A mix of Jousting and Drag Racing

Rival Knights Review and downloadRival Knights (Playboard) | Rival Knights (Play Store) // dreamed yourself being a a medieval knight engaging in duels,taking down enemies with a lance while riding a horse? looks...

Shopify: The Best Solution To Setup Online Store The Easy Way

Shopping online is the go-to way for a huge number of people around the world. Just in 2016, there had been around $1471bn sales online worldwide. Just in the United States, the number...

WhenDidI: A Must Have Event Tracking App That Keeps You Organized

Memory loss is a big problem and almost everyone today is suffering from it. At least this is what I have noticed in people surrounding me. Our lives have become too...
monument valley

Monument Valley Review: Fun Puzzles with Great Visuals

Monument ValleyMonument Valley (Playboard) | Monument Valley (Play Store) // Monument valley is a puzzle game with great graphics and visuals. Developed by Developer Ustwogames. Ustwogames takes the concepts of M.C. Echer, a...

Cool new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen

Samsung has just announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and while does offer a lot of goodies and improvements. Today will talk about all the new S-Pen features. The S-Pen has...

Tommy The Turtle: Learn To Code Teach Your Kids How To Code

Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code is a fun educational app for kids allowing them to learn basic coding in a fun and interactive way.Educational apps for smartphones are an efficient...

Dude Perfect 2 For Android & iPhone Review

Dude Perfect 2 is an Angry Birds like fun trick shot game for Android and iPhone based on YouTube sensation Dude Perfect Team. The Dude Perfect YouTube team is known for...
circuit calculator for ios

Circuit Calculator For iOS Review: A Must Have for Electronics Students

Circuit Calculator is a great tool to experiment with electric circuits easily and safelyIf you are an electrical engineering student or love to experiments with the electronics Circuit Calculator will make...

Best Free Multiplayer Android Games 2016

10 of the best free Multiplayer Android Games for the Year 2016 Playing games have always been fun. I love playing video games, whether it is an FPS, puzzle, strategy or adventure....
angry birds epic best free android game

Angry Birds Epic Review: Angry Birds RPG

Angry Birds EpicAngry Birds Epic (Playboard) | Angry Birds Epic (Play Store) //’s Angry Birds series has won the hearts of millions over the past four years, I am not one of...

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