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17 Cool New Watch Faces For Android Wear

Google Launches 17 New watch faces for Android WearGoogle and Apple has been battling each other in the smartphone OS game for quite sometime now. But, during the last two years...

Best Free Multiplayer Android Games 2016

10 of the best free Multiplayer Android Games for the Year 2016 Playing games have always been fun. I love playing video games, whether it is an FPS, puzzle, strategy or adventure....

Battling Paraphrase Plagiarism Using Plagiarism Checker

From the many forms of plagiarism, paraphrase plagiarism is one of the most common forms. A lot of people commit this either because they fail to successfully accomplish an appropriate paraphrase...
how to speed up chrome on android

How to speed up chrome on Android Device

How to speed up Chrome on Android, A secret tweakGoogle Chrome is without any doubt the best browser on PC as well as Android. It is my favorite on both the...

Best Cricket Games for Android

The craze of playing games is not new on mobile phones. It all started back in 1998 when Nokia decided to put Snake game on its phone, the of which was...
monument valley

Monument Valley Review: Fun Puzzles with Great Visuals

Monument ValleyMonument Valley (Playboard) | Monument Valley (Play Store) //playboard.me/widgets/pb-app-box/1/pb_load_app_box.js Monument valley is a puzzle game with great graphics and visuals. Developed by Developer Ustwogames. Ustwogames takes the concepts of M.C. Echer, a...

Best Endless Runner Games For Android & iPhone

Endless runner games have been the most successful games on every mobile phone platform. It has been the favorite game category since the release of the first iPhone. There are a...

Best Air Combat Based Arcade Games Or Space Shooters For Android & iPhone

Best Space Shooter Games for Android & iPhone I have been fascinated by air combat games, may be because the first ever game I played was an air combat based arcade game...

10 best tower defense games for Android & iOS

Gaming is a growing trend on the smartphones these days and it will continue to grow. Though there are all kinds of games available to play on Android and iOS from a...
best android camera apps

Best Android Camera Apps 2015

Some of the Best Android Camera Apps that let you take awesome photosNow that mobile phones comes with more and more powerful cameras, the trend of mobile photography is at its...

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