Circuit Calculator For iOS Review: A Must Have for Electronics Students

circuit calculator for ios

  Circuit Calculator is a great tool to experiment with electric circuits easily and safely

circuit calculator for ios

If you are an electrical engineering student or love to experiments with the electronics Circuit Calculator will make your life easier. Circuit Calculator is a great AC/DC circuit solving app which is a must have for every electrical engineering student. Circuit Calculator is very simple to use. Add circuit components to the schema on screen, set parameter for each component (current, voltage. etc.), connect them up and solve. It includes connecting capacitors, wires, inductors, impedences, voltage sources and ideal independent current, and current and voltage controlled sources.

circuit calculator for ios circuit calculator for ios


Circuit calculator has a very minimal and easy to understand interface . It is hard to find such clarity in another app. Moving schema objects is very easy and to rotate an object just double tap it and then you can rotate it 90 degrees.

circuit calculator for ioscircuit calculator for ios

Circuit Calculator also allows you to save schemes for later editing and use, which is lacking in many other similar apps. Using the app is dead simple however if you still can’t figure out how to use this app, don’t worry there is a quick start guide include which will let you know the controls quickly. If you find this app useful during your work, let your fellow students and coworkers know about it.