Cool new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 S-Pen

Samsung has just announced the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and while does offer a lot of goodies and improvements. Today will talk about all the new S-Pen features. The S-Pen has always been a bit of a trump card of sorts for the Samsung’s Galaxy Note line of phones. The S-Pen has always been the differentiating factor for the Galaxy Note from any other smart device and it still brings a lot of the same great functionality. There are a lot of features that returned from before but we will mostly focus on the new things that Samsung put into S-Pen of the Galaxy Note 7. The S Pen is still able to be used like a mouse on to the note 7 screen, being able to hover over let’s say folders in the gallery to get a better look at what might be inside of that folder. You can still use the air view for a lot of different functions, not really anything new here but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Translate Feature


Let’s  go ahead and dive into one of the new features. We’ll start off by opening up the air command menu and you can already see a couple of new shortcuts. You can change these shortcuts also so if you’re going to take the S-Pen out and go straight into let’s say a regular application you can always open one of these shortcuts but I will go ahead and put down the translate and the magnified features. Now translate is a wonderful new feature that we think will be pretty useful for those of you who travel. What you’ll do is just select the translate shortcut in the air command menu and be able to again hover over (using air view) any particular words in a particular language and translate it to another language. There are 71 in total there’s only one real limitation to the translate feature at least for the moment, and it’s that you can only do a word-by-word translation. We have yet to have the feature to highlight a sentence or even a whole block of text and be able to translate that on the fly. But at least word for word you will be able to get translations easily.

Magnified Feature

Galaxy Note 7

Let’s  move over to let’s say a simpler feature but still quite powerful the magnified feature. Essentially you get a small square that you are able to use with air view to hover over areas of the screen that you want to look at more closely. You can have a bunch of different zoom percentages, including three hundred percent if you really need to get close into there and you’ll be able to magnify pretty much any bit of the screen.

Smart Select


Another great feature that the S-Pen on the Note 7 offers is the Smart Select. Smart Select in and of itself is a feature that returns from the note 5 but you now have the ability to create gifts. Now animation on the top, there is what is used in order to create a small frame of the size that you can pick that will take the motion off of the screen and create a 15-second clip that is in gif form. Now Smart Select was already an easy way of just taking out just a little sections of a display or of just even a website that is on the display in order to share with your friends. Now, with the smart select animation captured you’ll be able to get 15-second gifts pretty much in the easiest way possible and be able to share them straight from that ability.
Putting away Air Command means that we can go into the Notes app. Since Samsung has pretty much streamlined the UI in the Samsung galaxy note 7, Samsung has combined Action Memo, Memo, S-Note and Scrapbook in one application to consolidate all their features making it your very full-featured notes application. You’ll be able to create notes, you’ll be able to type on them, paint on them, write on them with a bunch of different brushes and be able to put together colors with a full palette of colors. A cool feature is that when you put two colors together it will create a whole new one too much like in real life. You’ll be able to share those notes not only in the pen up social media App but also with your friends and through different regular sharing applications as well.

Screen-off Memo


The final feature will look at is the screen off memo. Now screen off memo is not new, you just have the phone on standby with a turned-off display or in this case they always on display displayed. When you take out the S Pen you have a black canvas to easily write on in order to just jot down quick notes whenever you feel the need to. The cool thing about the screen off memo now, however, is that you can pin it to the always-on display. Essentially, when you create your screen off memo there’s a small little pin at the top that you’ll be able to hit and then the screen off member that you just created will be part of the always-on display or AOD for up to an hour unless notifications or any other things come up to have to take up that space and the always-on display.
So that’s just a quick look at the new features of the S-Pen there’s definitely a lot more that the S-Pen can do and it’s one of the reasons why the note line is actually quite popular. There is an extra feature here, one that we weren’t really able to show except for a demo as you’re seeing right now the S Pen is water resistant as is the entire phone. Which means, there is the ability to write down notes under water and if you actually have ever wanted to do that before, maybe you can tell us in the comments below why you would actually need that. Water resistance is nice to have but being able to write under water we’re still not too sure about that.