How to Create Apple id Without Credit Card


Apple iOS just like any other smartphone OS requires you to create an id before you can download mobile apps from their Appstore. But, unlike other mobile operating systems Apple asks for your credit card number to make an Apple id which is irritating to those users who don’t have credit cards or just don’t feel comfortable to share their credit card details with Apple.

Now, there is a way using which you can create Apple id without the need to enter your credit card number. If you have owned a Apple iPhone you probably know how to do this, if not, here in this post we will tell you how to create Apple id without credit card.

You can create Apple id either using Apple iTunes store on your PC or Mac or you can create it directly on your idevice like iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We will show you how to make Apple id without credit card using both ways.

Create Apple id Without Credit Card using MAC or PC

  1. Download iTunes, Open iTunes.
  2. Click on the “Go to the iTunes Store” buttoncreate-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-1
  3. Search for and download any free app such as the facebook app.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-3
  4. Now a popup will appear asking you to log in to your existing Apple ID or Create a New Apple ID. Select Create New Apple ID button.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-4
  5. You will be directed to the iTunes store, You need to click the “Continue” button.
  6. Read (if you want to “wink”) and Agree to the terms of Conditions create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-6
  7. Provide your email id, password, security questions and date of birth. (Password should include at least one capital letter one small letter and one number). Click on the “Continue” button to proceed.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-7
  8. Choose “None” as a payment method.
  9. Enter a Valid addresscreate-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-8
  10. Click on “Create Apple ID”.
  11. You will receive a confirmation email to the email address that you have provided.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-11
  12. Open the email and Click “verify Now”.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-step-12
  13. This is it. You can now sign in and download free content either from the iTunes store or directly to you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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Create Apple Account Without Credit Card Using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  1. Look for the App Store icon on you iPhone and launch the App Store.
  2. Search and download any free app. (this is the main trick here, don’t select a paid app)create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-2
  3. A popup will appear prompting to use existing Apple ID or Create New Apple ID. Tap on Create New Apple ID.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-3
  4. Choose your country or any country.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-4
  5. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Enter all the details requested and tap next
  7. You are now required to select a payment method, select none and tap on the next button.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-7
  8. Enter a valid address, phone number and email address and tap on the Next button.
  9. You will be informed that a verification email has been sent to the email id that you have provided. Tap on the Done button.create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-9
  10. Open your email ID, open the email sent by Apple and tap or click on “Verify Now” button to activate your account.
  11. This is it, you can now sign in and start downloading free apps from the Apple App Store. However you cannot download any paid apps using this method. To download paid apps you need to connect your credit card with your Apple ID.

create-apple-id-without-credit-card-using-iphone-step-11This is how you can create Apple ID without having access to the credit card. If you are still facing any problems in creating your first Apple ID, feel free to let us know in the comments.