Dude Perfect 2 For Android & iPhone Review


Dude Perfect 2 is an Angry Birds like fun trick shot game for Android and iPhone based on YouTube sensation Dude Perfect Team. The Dude Perfect YouTube team is known for insanely crazy trick shots using basketballs, tennis balls, footballs and many other kinds of balls. Dude Perfect 2 allows you to pull off as crazy trick shots as the Dude Perfect team. Miniclip team has done a great job making incredibly creative trick shots available for you to try in the game.


Dude Perfect 2 includes 99 levels of head-scratching action and the developer Miniclip is promising more levels in the future. While the levels are easy at the start, they get pretty tough very quickly. So, far I have encountered 2 kinds of balls that are made available in the levels. One is a regular basketball, which can be thrown at a longer distance. The other one is a Bowling ball which is heavy and is used to shatter the glass that may block your way in most of the levels. While the game physics are pretty accurate I have noticed that the regular basketball goes bit higher than where the arrow points.


You can choose your favorite Dude Perfect character of the 5 free characters while others can be unlocked using coins that you will earn throughout the game. There are also premium Dude Perfect 2 characters with special powers that you can buy spending some money in the in-app-purchases. There is also a Lucky Panda mini game where you can earn free coins, cash and power ups. While for the first time the playing Lucky Panda is free, but after that you have to spend 350 coins to play the mini game. There are three kinds of power ups, two of which you can buy using the game coins, for the third one you have to spend green money. The first power up “Guideline will guide your ball to the hoop. The second one is a magnet which draws the ball in a close proximity to the hoop. The third one “Air Strike” which let you call in a plane that drops basketballs in all of the hoops for you (I am sure no one is going to buy that).


Overall, I have found the game pretty fun. The graphics are more refined, the animations are fun and fluid. The physics are quite great regardless of the issue with the arrow. The Puzzles are well thought out and pretty tough to play. However, if you are not into physics based puzzle games, Dude Perfect is not for you.