Five High Paying US Jobs That Offers More Than $100K


    Five US jobs that currently pay more than $100K

    If you’re sick and tired of working a job that you hate, with no thanks, and a poor paycheque at the end of each month, why not set your sights a little, or a lot, higher, and aim for a well-paying job that you feel you could do very comfortably? Obviously, we have lawyers, doctors, and high-ranking officials still raking in the big bucks and bringing home top dollar, but there are plenty of jobs and careers out there that pay very well, that are suited to a wide range of individuals, from all walks of life. Here are some of the most popular US jobs that are currently paying more than $100K each year.

    Pilot – Even if you know very little about planes and air travel, it’s never too late to learn a new skill, and if you feel you have what it takes, why not look into becoming a pilot? You will require an ATPL or an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, and ideally, you should have a bachelor’s degree in physics, aviation, or other relevant fields. Military experience will also work on your side. A typical annual salary will be $120,000 – $134,000.

    Nurse Practitioner – A nurse practitioner will treat common injuries, will perform examinations, prescribe medications, and should ideally hold, at least, a master’s in nursing. The average annual base salary is $100,000, and there are roughly 6,700 job openings as things stand.

    Dentist – Dentists make around $125,000 in base salaries per year, and they need to have completed a four-year undergraduate degree in relevant scientific fields or pre-dentistry. They will also need to take a dental acceptance test, which they must score well on, plus they must complete a doctorate degree in dental medicine or dental surgery. There are roughly 1,900 openings for dentists, so if you feel you have what it takes to work with teeth and mouths for a living, you may wish to give it a shot.

    Regional Sales Exec – If you want to become a regional sales executive, you must ensure that you are highly knowledgeable in regards to the products and/or services that your company is offering its prospective clients, as well as the needs and basic requirements of your clients. You must be a fantastic communicator, you must be knowledgeable, and you must have the ability to spot a potential business opportunity at any time. If you decide the sales exec route could be for you, you can expect to bring home a base salary of $65,000, with total median pay being as much as $103,500.

    Special Agents – There are all kinds of special agents out there, as some work for law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, whilst others may be hired by private businesses. This is a particularly cool, and potentially dangerous job, that pays well as a result. Median base salaries come in at around $121,000, whereas total median pay can be as much as $125,000 per year.