Ghost of memories is a Monument Valley like puzzle game


Game developer Paplus International comes with a new Monument Valley like Puzzle game for Android & iOS. The new game Ghost of Memories brings with it tricky perception-based puzzles. It has the isometric look and you will also find the emblematic architecture for which Monument Valley is known.


Ghost of Memories looks amazing but, not as good as the Monument Valley. The gameplay also looks to be reminiscent of the mesmerizing game Monument Valley.  The game requires you to solve puzzles of ancient civilizations as you go on a journey across 4 different worlds filled with mysteries. In Ghost of Memories you will enjoy a number of beautiful, mesmerizing landscapes, you can interact with them and bend them as you want to solve different puzzles. An ancient scepter with different powers will help you in your quest.

Ghost of Memories for iPhone Download

Ghost of Memories for Android Download


Below you can watch the first trailer of Ghost of Memories. The game is out and available for both Android and iOS. It will cost you at least $2.99 in case if you want to try it out.