How to Backup Android Apps to PC


This article will show you how to backup Android apps to PC

Android is a great platform but, it also has its limitation. Though Android has become more stable than ever, it suffer with bugs here and there. I own an LG G3 and I am facing sudden restarts for the fast 10 or 15 days. It the last couple of days, issue became more severe with frequent restarts. I haven’t done anything yet to cure the problem. My first priority is to factory reset the device. But, I have a lot of important data, games and other apps which I don’t want to loose. There I was searching for some solid tools to backup my data.

Though there are dozens of tools available on the google play store which backup your data online or on a SD card. But, I don’t have a SD card and backing up things online takes a lot of time. There for, I searched for tools which can help me backup my Android Apps on PC. After some research I came to the conclusion that the helium app is the best solution for me to backup my Android apps on PC.

Facing a problem on your phone is not the only reason that you may want to backup your photos, contacts and Android Apps and its data on your PC. You also need to backup your Android apps and games on PC when you are about to update your firmware. There are many options that you can choose to backup your Android data but, as I told you before, my favorite choice is the Helium app which let me backup Android apps and games on PC.

Here is how to Backup Anroid Apps on PC using Helium App

1. Download and install Helium desktop app on your PC

2. Install Helium app on your Android Phone

3. Connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable.


4. Enable USB Debugging on your Anroid device (If you haven’t enabled it already)

5. You might be asked to switch your USB connection type to PTP

6. You’ll be prompted to accept your computer’s RSA key.

Once you’ve paired the two devices you’ll have enabled Helium backups.

7. A green check mark will appear in the Helium window on your PC, letting you know that the connection has been made and Helium backups are now enabled.

When you see this on your computer it’s a good thing.

8. The same message will appear  on your Android too. You can now disconnect your Android from your PC.

9. In case you turn your Android off you will have to reestablish the connection between Helium on your phone and on your PC.

Helium can perform Titanium-like backups without needing root access. 

How to backup You Android apps to PC using Helium

1. You’ll see two tabs in Helium on your Android device: “Backup” and “Restore & Sync”. The “Backup” tab lets you choose which apps you want to backup to your PC by placing a check mark next to them.

2. In case you want to save all your apps(most probably you will), a swipe from the bottom of the screen will let you see a summary of your backup choices as well as the option to ”Select All.”

Select all apps or choose ”app data only” for smaller backups.

3. You can choose to backup everything (apps and data) or just the data (which is faster). In case you backed up just the data, if you restore your backup later you’ll have to manually reinstall your apps. It should be noted that there are some apps Helium can’t backup. We will try to list them at the end of this article.

4. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen again and this time tap on the Backup button. When you tap on the Backup button  you will be asked where you want to save your backup: internal or external storage or a cloud service (Note: Cloud service is available in Pro version only).

Backup destinations include memory, external SD cards or cloud services.


5. In the Restore and Sync tab you can connect a cloud service for storing and accessing your backups. You can also access saved backups on your internal memory or connect with your other devices.

6. When you make your selection you may be prompted to ensure you have no password set for full backups, or to enter your device’s PIN or password if you are encrypted. Once you’ve done this the backup will complete.


Restoring Android Apps From PC to Android Phone

7. Restoring backup is very easy and simple. Open the Restore & Sync tab and locate your backup. You can also connect to the Helium server for PC downloads.