Jet Run City Defender Review


Jet Run City Defender is a stunningly beautiful endless runner with a shooter in it


Jet Run City Defender is an endless runner done right. Previously we have seen some great endless runners in form of Temple run, Subway surfers, pitfall. They were excellent in their own way. But, no one had the kind of visuals and graphic intensity which Jet Run City Defender. Jet Run City Defender packs some great visuals with a more 3D look and feel. What is even more interesting is that it packs a lot of action. It’s not just about avoiding the obstacles that come in your way.

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What’s the objective?

The so called Aliens has attacked the planet, your goal is not to defeat them, but kill as many of them as possible and of course, survive for as long as possible.


jet-run-city-defender-gameplay-alien-lazer jet-run-city-defender-gameplay-bombs jet-run-city-defender-gameplay-over-sea

As I have mentioned in the intro Jet Run City Defender features some stunning visuals, the kind we don’t see in any other game except the Minion Rush. If you’re a lover of endless runner games with a brand new Galaxy Note 4, Apple iPhone 6 or Google Nexus 6 and you will love to make use of the great visuals of the Jet Run City Defender. The features a dense but beautiful looking shinning city with tall buildings alongside the dense city streets full of cars and of course Aliens that you have to kill along the way. The developers have also put a soundtrack in the game, but I did not find it impressive.


The game-play is a simple as any other endless runner, i.e. wipe left, right, up and down to avoid the obstacles that come in your way. But there is more to it, as I have mentioned above the game packs a lot of action, with that I mean real action. Your Jet has been loaded with an arsenal of weapons. Including missiles and nukes. But you have to use them wisely. You can kill or destroy what appears to be an Alien or Alien Jet made of blocks, you have to tap it. The Aliens come in waves so you have to act as fast as you can, but you will have to do so intelligently as your weapons can overheat after a few taps.

jet-run-city-defender-gameplay-shooter jet-run-city-defender-gameplay-weapons-overheated

There are different types of Aliens in the game with different fighting styles. Aliens are not the only thing that comes in your way, they have also planted bombs of mines made of black blocks that will come in your way at different points. While its an endless runner the emphases of the developer is clearly on the shooting aspects of the game.

You will also find different power ups along the way. And of course, just like any other endless runner you also need to collect the coins to upgrade your Jet and weapons. You have items like the nuke, which will wipe out all enemies on screen or you have slow motion, which slows down time for a brief period and a computer guide which will give you a crash alert. There is also a store with in-app purchases, but you won’t need them as the game is easily playable without any in-app purchases. There are also scores Leader-boards so you can compete with your friends.


While the key strength of the game lies in its spectacular visuals, they might cause you to crash most of the time. Because of the crowded and dense visuals, it is sometimes really hard to notice what is coming your way but only when you have crashed. 90% of the times that I crashed was because I could not see what was coming my way before it was too late, but don’t worry the game does not end there, you get another chance after you have crashed onto a building or a bomb. The overall game-play of the game is adequate and fun to play.

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Overall Jet Run City Defender is a pretty enjoyable game for all those who love to play endless runners and at the same time also want some extraordinary visuals in the game. The taste of a shooter in an endless runner makes it stand out from the other typical shooters. Overall, it is a good effort, but not great.