Klean Kanteen Wide 12 Ounce Insulated Water Bottle (Sponsored)


The brand, Klean Kanteen makes best insulated water bottles. The Klean Kanteen 12 ounce water bottle comes with a wide opening. This water bottle was introduced many years ago and this currently exists with insulation characteristics. This brand has united their unique, iconic, elegant water bottle alongside high-presentation, dual-wall vacuum separation in order to originate the most adaptable water bottle all the time.

The Klean Kanteen 12oz vacuum insulated water bottle is assembled from completely biodegradable resources. This is constructed from 18/8 food-mark stainless steel and is harmless as well as completely free from any BPA stuffs or any other contaminants. Consequently, this never requires being coated similarly to the aluminum water bottles. The wide opening layout of this bottle renders this simple to retrieve in ice chops. Washing this 12oz bottle is very easy. This bottle is similarly strong enough to go on years plus can never preserve otherwise leak tastes. This Klean Kanteen 12oz insulated water bottle features a dual-walled vacuum insulation. Its insulation is inarguably the supreme class of coating. The significance of this kind of vacuum coating is an exceptional degenerate at heat diffusion. This coating gives this bottle an astonishing elasticity. Have a look our expert review details below

Available Colors

At the time Klean Kanteen advanced their colored water bottles they thought to hit upon a harmless as well as sturdy coat which appeared like dynamite as well. They went through and verified lots of special colors. Then they nominated an acrylic dye which comprises no contaminants otherwise lead. Obtainable colors are brushed stainless, bamboo leaf, quiet storm, shale black, beetroot, canyon orange, meadow flower, Winter Lake.


  • Its Lid is leakage resistant.
  • It comes with a small number of moving portions that render this lid sturdy plus stress-free to tidy
  • Its extra extensive mouth installs ice, stress-free stuffing plus decanting
  • This water bottle is well-matched with the majority of the backcountry water purifiers
  • It comes with Electro shined inside that never preserve or else pass on tastes
  • This bottle has a Dual-wall vacuum-separated building that preserves insides hot for 8 hours, otherwise ice for a day
  • This bottle offers you supreme adaptability as well as execution
  • Its vacuum separation is of extraordinary operation
  • It comes with thin outline installs in maximum cup containers
  • It can keep hot drinks hot around six hours also iced beverages cold nearly 24 hours


  • Finely insulated,
  • Installs well in cup containers,
  • Features strong handle,
  • Maintains drink’s temperature for the lengthiest expanse of time
  • Stainless steel inside inhibits the smelly
  • Extensive mouth designed for stress-free cleaning


  • Preserves left over aromas

Artifact Information

Size: 7.2 by 3.2 by 2.8 inches

Heaviness: 9.6 oz.

Volume: 12 fluid oz. or 355 milliliter

Opening Width: 2.125 inches or 54 mm

Purchaser Reviews: This bottle is rated 4.0 out of 5 by its consumers

Description of the Bottle


This bottle’s Vacuum coating is accountable for its outstanding temperature maintaining capability. The tiny form of this 12 oz. water bottle allows it to put in most cup holders. Its wide-opening mouth makes it easy to keep almost anything into it. Its lid is easy to retrieve and is extremely leakage resistant.


This Klean Kanteen 12 oz. water bottle is very strong. Many users mentioned of years of usage and the bottle is still going on keeping beverages hot or cold for a longer time.

Easy to use and Recyclable

These water bottles are comfortable to use. They can easily be carried. These are formulated from eco-friendly materials.



This wide mouth insulated water bottles effectively give proof of their competence to a number of users for the everyday application. They assist you to maintain hydrated. These bottles are efficient hold the temperature of drinks for very long time.

Purchaser Review:

A customer mentioned that she has been utilizing Klean Kanteen Water bottles for some years. The ring lid of this particular bottle does not outflow when the lid is getting into the bottle appropriately. The seal on the inward of the may sometimes loosen. When this occurs the canteen might outflow. Just in case you have soup inside this bottle is guaranteed that the border of the bottle is wiped up tidy prior to employing the lid back on. She never faced any kind of difficulties with outflow as she confirmed that the border is at liberty of any kind of remainder. She also mentioned that she put scorching warm tea or else soup inside this Klean Kanteen 12oz. The stuff remained satisfactorily hot for six hours.

Another customer said that she placed the vessel portion turning off the cap inside the Deepfreeze during the night intended for the extra chill. This bottle is actually strong. This might almost certainly cause this providing they require this.

Some consumer stated that Klean Kanteen 12 ounce water bottle is courteously made-up from stainless steel materials. This bottle is efficient as well as striking.

One more buyer stated that it is the finest insulated water bottle that he ever used. He got one as a gift from a friend. This bottle is capable of maintaining the temperature of tea for a very elongated period. He adores every single drink from it since it is hot. The border cannot hold the temperature. As a result, you never get scorch while your sipping from this. This Klean Kanteen 12 oz. Wide water bottle is a wonderful buying.