LG V20 drop test video comes out, does it survive?


LG V20 has just been announced and Android Authority was quick to do a drop test of it. LG 20 is advertised as MIL-STD-810G certified which means it comes with military grade impact resistance. Android Authority just did a drop test of the LG V20 confirm how sturdy is it actually. Watch the video below to find out how well did it performed.

As you can see in the video, test consists of three drops, each from chest height. The first one is dropped while the back hitting the ground, the second on its edge and the third one is done by making the smartphone dropped on its front. The result is unsurprisingly good as the phone came out great except some minor scratch.

Next, another series of similar tests is performed from a height of at least 7 feet. The results of the first two test were similar to the previous tests i.e the smartphone survived with just more scuffs. In the last test, the device was dropped on its face from about 7 feet height and that was when the entire front glass shattered. The rest of the phone was still running fine which is still impressive.