Magento is a Great eCommerce Platform to Run An Online Store


Magento is very popular and definitely one of the most developed platforms for running an online store.

This script is suitable for people who want to create a large online store with many functionalities that facilitate the management of a large number of products. Unfortunately, this requires quite a powerful server. You can download the online store script and view it at

The advantages of the script

Extensive functionality

Magento is famous for its functionality. Needless to say, it has an extensive system of analysis, reporting, product management, a mobile version and multiple payment systems. The interesting thing is that the script gives you the ability to run several stores at once and manage them from one administration panel. Another proof of Magento’s amazing capabilities is that for a given product, you can set the right template, which will cause that the selected product will be presented to the customer differently than other products in the given time range.


Magento has a huge community of users who provide extensive support in the discussion forum. Magento has very good technical support, especially in English.


In the case of competitive scripts, the programmer may, during their development, reach a dead end. The limited capabilities of the tool will not allow you to build a very advanced website. In the case of Magento, it’s different. Although there is a lot of PHP code, thanks to a well thought out architecture, the possibilities of its extensions are almost unlimited.

Additional functionalities

Although the script has a lot of built-in functionality, there are many additional features that you can install in Magento. Many of them are professionally written but are often paid. It should also be noted that Magento has a paid extended version (which also has access to high-priority technical support) and already filled with a multitude of free editing functions. You can install a number of extensions in a Magento store to add more functionality to your store according to your needs. One such extension that I like to use is Magento 2 Layered Navigation which helps bring native layered navigation functionality up to the industry standard.


The script has very large possibilities to optimize the code for SEO. Little, which free online store script is so friendly written for people optimizing the code in this respect.

Disadvantages of the script

Server requirements and resources

Unfortunately, modularity and extensibility often go hand in hand with the greater requirements of server parameters. This is also the case here. Not many servers are able to cope with this platform. The list of hosting companies that will serve the script will be much smaller than other online stores.


Doing a simple thing in administration as adding a product is not as obvious as it is in other scripts, eg QuickCart. Familiarizing yourself with the functionalities requires a lot of time and in some cases even buying a lesson from someone who knows the system very well.

Installation and modification

This script is not too “user-friendly” and requires advanced programming knowledge to modify it. Quick.Cart and PrestaShop are simpler to use and to make changes but do not offer such rich functionality as Magento.


Magento is a very complex script that, thanks to its architecture and possibilities, surpasses many other free scripts. Unfortunately, this reflects the performance and requirements of the server. When starting a business with this platform you have to reckon with the fact that not only anybody will take care of its modifications and not just any server will handle it, which can mean more expenses than other tools.