How to Make Money Just Playing Video Games


Playing video games is considered as a waste of time by many parents and they are not totally wrong. Video games are fun to play but there needs to be a time limit for a person to play video games. One should not play video games more than an hour or two. Today, video games may not be a waste of time if you are good at it.  You can earn a huge sum of money in competitive video game events. Today many gamers around the world have chosen to play video games as their profession. Professional gamers earn up to $1million in world gaming competitions.

But, what if you are not that good at playing video games? you can still earn a lot of money playing video games. Today millions of people are making money off Youtube. Some people are doing tech reviews, some are doing comedy shows, while there are thousands who are making a lot of money by just playing video games and sharing their screen recording with the world backed up by a little commentary. The top earning Youtube PEWDIEPIE used to do funny commentary while playing video games on Youtube. He is currently making more than a million dollars per years from Youtube.

You can also make a huge some of the money from Youtube by reviewing different Android & iPhone games. You can also review different Android & iPhone Apps on Youtube. The best practice is to keep an eye on the Google Play Store. As soon as a new app or game pops up on the Play Store download it, play it and make a video of it talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the game. While in the app reviews you will have to explain what are the weaknesses and strengths of the apps, with video games you don’t necessarily have to do your own commentary. You can just upload gameplay videos and make money off it.

How to Make Money Reviewing Apps & Games on Youtube

To make money off Youtube reviewing apps and games all you need to do is 1) Set up a Youtube channel. 2) Apply for the Google Partner program. 3) Download a good screen recorder app, 4) Invest in a good microphone with active noise cancellation for a clear audio. You can get a good one from microphonetopgear. 5) Download a new app or game from the Google Play Store which you think have the tendency to become popular. 5) Play that game while having the screen recorder on. 6) Edit and dub the video with your own commentary about the game. 7) Post the Video on the Youtube. 8) Market the video using the social networking sites. You can also make videos of lists of apps and games the way freeappsforme does.

Keep the videos interesting to gain subscribers. Make video responses to already popular videos of people playing games to make your channel visible and gain subscribers.