Monument Valley Review: Fun Puzzles with Great Visuals

monument valley

Monument Valley

monument valley

Monument valley is a puzzle game with great graphics and visuals. Developed by Developer Ustwogames. Ustwogames takes the concepts of M.C. Echer, a Japanese woodblock prints and temple architecture from around the globe and makes a great puzzle game out of it. The idea behind the Monument Valley is unique and  intuitive backed by stunning graphics with beautiful looking monuments. The background music in the game is also beautiful and add more character into the game. You will also heard sound of beautiful piano notes when you interact with the objects in the game.

Monument Valley Story


The game revolves around a silent and misplaced princess Ida, who discovers the mystery of monument valley by exploring temple like structures to unlock their secrets. You goal is to guide the princess through the monuments in order to collect objects that you will find at the end of each level. You have solve the puzzle by rearranging planes, twisting layers and rotating buildings. The developer has done a great job by balancing the difficulty. The puzzles may seem impossible when you first look at it but as soon as you start interacting with the objects it will get easier for you without giving you any sense of frustration. When you play the game you would the developer had thrown a few more challenging. I hope in the next update we might see some more challenging puzzles been thrown into the game.

monument valley puzzle

The only problem with Monument Valley is that, the game is very short, There are only 10 levels to explore. Some of the levels are very easy and short while others are longer. Again the sad part is that the game comprises of roughly 90 minutes of gameplay. But the exciting gameplay and gorgeous graphics are worth your money.

monument valley puzzle

There is no in game tutorial telling you how make your way out all you need your natural curiosity and a slight familiarity with how to operate a smartphone with a touchscreen. Monument Valley is currently available only available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store for $3.99. We hope it will soon visit the Windows Phone store.

Monument Valley is a great game for mobile phones but, what about PC? You can play some really fun puzzle games online on if you want to.

PROS: With amazing graphics and excellent soundtrack, and visually stunning monuments architecture. This game is an enjoyable experience.

CONS: The only con I noticed about the game is it has small number of puzzles.

Conclusion: A great puzzle game with stunning graphics and immersive gameplay. In Monument Valley things go very easily without any rush. backed by a refressing audio effects  and music Monument Valley offers a really great experience. If added more levels the will be a blockbuster on both Android and iOS.