Niantic Is Celebrating All Pokemon Go Community Days Next Month


The Community Day in Pokémon GO is every month a highlight for all players. At the monthly event, one Pokémon of the day steps up in the wild for a few hours. This has an exclusive attack during the Community Day event and can usually be caught as a Shiny. There are various global bonus effects, such as longer-lasting lock modules or more stardust, bonbons or experience points. 

But on which date will the next Community Days take place? Which Pokémon are confirmed? What is the exclusive attack? In this article, we will always provide you with the important news on the current Pokémon GO Community Day and a list of the next Community Day dates in the US.

Pokemon GO Is celebrating all 2019 community days next month if you missed a community day, this is the time to pick up those missing Pokemons. Like last year, it will cover a whole weekend. To do this, the Pokémon of the past Community Day events return again. 

Community Day December 2019: Schedule, Bonuses, etc.

Event Date 1: Saturday, December 14, and Sunday, December 15
Start (each) 09:00 clock
End (each) 21:00
Pokémon of the Day All Pokémon of the Day from Past Community Days
Exclusive attack Exclusive attack of the Community Day events of the years 2018 and 2019
Bonus effects (only 11am – 2pm) Double Fang Stardust
Double catch EP
Halved hatching distance

The Community Day in December does not have a Pokémon of the day but brings back the Pokémon of past events from 2018 and 2019. Including her exclusive attacks. Here are the lists of the Pokémon (in the wild, in raids, from eggs) as well as their probable event attacks:

What Is Pokemon Go Community Day Event And How Does It Work?

Pokemon Go Community Day events are events do what you would probably expect them to do. Take players out into the world and bring them together in places like parks and other public places where there are many Pokestops. These events are limited in time to encourage trainers to go on a Pokemon Hunting Mission on the same day and the same day.

Niantic rewards players for their participation in the events. Community daily events are usually created around a particular Pokémon, so players can have a chance to imprison more of that particular Pokemon. Regular bonuses are also rewarded which include exclusive moves for the Pokémon, increased EXP, Stardust and Lure durations, bonus loot such as Stardust and Incubators, and even bonuses such as fast-slipping eggs for the duration of the event.

You may be surprised if you’re going to a community day event. You might also find other coaches during the event busy in catching Pokemon everywhere when you go to a place like a local park.