PDF Recovery Software Application in Review


PDF Recovery tool, a Windows based application recovers all data types be it text, images, graphics, etc. from a corrupted PDF file and creates a new healthy PDF document. However, the installation of Adobe Acrobat is a must-have feature on the recovery system for successful recovery of PDF files. Version 1.1 is the latest flagship of the recovery utility and of the present year 2014. It is featured with many advanced and enhanced characteristics that make the tool one of the best alternatives and user’s first choice for PDF file recovery. This is because it leaves no stone unturned in the retrieval of data and formation of completely new and un-hampered PDF files. The features of the recovery entity shall certainly prove these points to be absolutely correct and practical.

Specifications of the Recovery Tool

  • Recovery utility is identified as – PDF Recovery
  • Version in Discussion – 1.1
  • Tool’s Size – 1.5MB (actually very small sized tool)
  • Developer Company – PDF Ware
  • Firm’s Official Link – http://www.pdfware.org/
  • File Name – pdf-recovery.exe

Application’s Pre-Requisites Mentioned

  • Windows operating system is essential for execution of the utility as the recovery software is Windows based.
  • With Windows version 8.1, 8, 7 and Vista the tool must be launched as ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat is a must have requirement for the execution of the software.
  • Only 5MB of free space is needed in the hard disk drive of the execution system.
  • At least 512MB size of RAM is needed on the execution machine.
  • A maximum of 1GB RAM size is optimal for recovery.
  • Processor frequency should be at least of 1GHz.
  • Processor of frequency 2.4GHz is considered most favorable.
  • Note – Once the pre-requisites are fulfilled the computer system gets ready for installation and execution of the PDF Recovery tool.

Available Releases Discussed – Demo and Full

  • Demo Release
  • Demo is available free of cost for trial purpose. However, the limitation is that it does not allow users to save the recovered documents. Its functionality is restricted till recovery and previewing of the PDF file.
  • Demo version of PDF Recovery software allows users to recover and preview the corrupted PDF file but restricts to save the retrieved file.
  • Full Edition
  • The full version of the tool does not impose any kind of restriction on the recovery process or in the storage of the recovered files. One the corrupt PDF files get retrieved with the assistance of the tool and the user is satisfied with the preview the recovered healthy documents can be saved onto the system.

Difference B/w Free & Demo Release at a Glance


CharacteristicsTrial EditionDemo Release
PDF File LoadYesYes
Repair Damaged PDF FileYesYes
Retrieves All PDF ComponentsYesYes
Error Recovery Feature RenderedYesYes
All Windows Version Support RenderedYesYes
Extracts PDF ComponentsNoYes
Saves New Healthy PDF File NoYesYes

Licensed Keys & Their Pricing

The paid version of the recovery tool is available in three forms with different pricing that are as follows:

  • Personal License – 49USD
  • Business License – 129$
  • Enterprise License – 399$

Supported Editions of Outlook & Adobe Acrobat

  • All editions of MS Outlook mail program that are 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows XP (though its support has ended), Vista, Windows 7, 8 & its extension 8.1 is provided support for. Also, Windows server 2008/2012 is supported.
  • All releases of Adobe Acrobat including the latest which is 11.0 and also all below versions are supported.

Tool’s Extraordinary Aspects at a Glance

  • New PDF is created whereas the corrupt file remains at the previous location.
  • PDF document is retrieved without alterations in original formatting.
  • Original or corrupt file does not get altered i.e. it is not replaced.
  • Recovers PDF documents irrespective of the level of damage caused.
  • Can extract all types of components from the damaged PDF file.
  • Text, images, hyperlinks, object forms, graphics, etc. are recovered.
  • Attuned with all PDF documents irrespective of version or format.
  • Supports all editions of Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • The personal license costs just 49USD which is a reasonable price.
  • The application is incorporated with a simple working process.

Tool’s Working Explained

The working of the PDF Recovery software application is very simple and easy. With a self-explanatory interface, the utility offers an easy recovery process of one of the most portable document file type i.e. PDF type. The application follows the below mentioned four-step recovery process to retrieve the components and form a new and healthy PDF file. The chief sequence-wise steps are mentioned and explained below:

  • Open – With ‘Load PDF’ option a damaged PDF document can be loaded in the tool’s interface for further processing. The file is opened so as to recover corrupt PDF file and get a healthy PDF as output.


  • Scan – Once a PDF file is added, it gets scanned automatically by the tool and a message is delivered by the interface for user’s interest. The message states that the file was successfully scanned.


  • Preview – With the completion of the scanning step in the recovery process a preview of the recovered file is displayed for the sake of user’s satisfaction. However, if demo version is executed the preview of the resultant file is incorporated with company Demo watermark.


  • Save – Once satisfied with the obtained preview of the file, the tab Save PDF can be clicked for the storage of the recovered PDF document. When the retrieved file gets saved, a pop up with the message ‘Export Complete’ is prompted on the screen.



PDF Recovery tool no doubt excels in the retrieval of PDF files from any level of corruption issues, be it minor or major. Undoubtedly, it can be termed as a one-click PDF file recovery application. This is because it provides an easy-to-use interface that requires just a few clicks without wasting time in acknowledging the steps to be followed to recover the files from corruption issue. Also, check out these best data recovery software tools that may help you to recover your precious photos, documents, videos etc that you may have accidentally deleted.