Phigolf: WGT Edition, An Interesting Mobile Golf Simulator is On Kickstarter


What’s PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator game? It’s something new and really cool, it’s a whole new level of gameplay for all golf lovers around the globe. If you are familiar with the WGT (World Golf Tour) game then you might just have a hint of what I’m talking about. The WGT is a video game that allows you to enjoy the excitement of golf with numerous world-famous golf courses. It gets better with the PhiGolf simulator system. Why? Because it’s much more realistic and fun.


PhiGolf simulator allows you to control your swings by using a club (with a sensor attached to it) which makes it feel like you’re actually playing on a golf course, cool right?


What makes the PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator game special is the combination of the PhiGolf simulator and the WGT game, that means you get to play the best golf game on the planet in the most realistic way ever. You can enjoy the game on all smart devices like your android phone, tablet, iPhone and your smart tv.

I know you might be thinking it’s probably gonna be expensive, the good news is that it’s not. In fact, there’s more to benefit from the new PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator game. How can you benefit from what you’re going to be paying for? Well, I’ll tell you how.

PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator game is raising funds via Kickstarter to cover the game’s development and launch next year. So, what’s in it for you? When you pledge a certain amount to the Kickstarter fundraising program you tend to enjoy various extras with the game. For example; when you pledge a sum of $99 or more you get to have access to PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator device, WGT all-course pack for 6 months, wolf creek golf course free for lifetime, WGT credit and coin pack and original PhiGolf simulator including all courses free for lifetime. The bigger the pledge the bigger the discounts, you can get up to 60% off a game package. Now isn’t that sweet?


If you love golf and you wanna enjoy the game no matter where you are and what time it is, then I really don’t know what you’re sitting there waiting for. Pick your phone up and visit this link today and get to be one of the first lucky people to enjoy the PhiGolf WGT Edition Mobile Golf Simulator game next year March.