Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Review


“Pop! Pop! Pop! “Three peas are shooting rapidly against the lab coat of a mad zombie professor. The first Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a surprising game. It is a shooter based on a mobile title, which is also extremely comical. I bet you have played the tower defense version of this game on your Android or iOS-powered phone. Probably EA and Popcap were therefore cautious in the amount of content in it. The cute shooter was a great success, making Garden Warfare 2 a more extensive version of the first game.

This means that you can again choose whether you are on the side of the happy flora or the silly undead. In Garden Warfare 2, the zombies have been expanded with, among other things, superhero zombie Super Brainz, with extremely powerful attacks, and the rapid exploding Imp, which turns into a bulky giant as he steps into his heavily armed Z-mech. On the side of the flowers, for example, the commander-like army mare Kernel Corn and an elegant rose named Rose, which with her magic wand makes kids from zombies, are added. They are good innovations because the first game feels limited in this. Now you can choose from fourteen classes of zombies and plants, all of which have their own special versions.


All characters are well balanced. For example, the sunflower is still ideal as a charging point for health, but Kernel Corn, thanks to its fast corn rifle, is the person to use when heavy fighting with large numbers of enemies takes place. Rose is again a safe character for people who are not very familiar with the series, or with shooters in general, and who therefore still want to find out if they prefer to fight from far or near.

You use the characters in the many modes that Garden Warfare 2 is rich. There are game options in which you have to guard a garden of hordes of enemies, or in which you have to penetrate three encircled areas of the enemy. That can be done in a slightly less chaotic way only with CPU, or in pairs with some CPU help. However, the forte of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare has been the online multiplayer since the first part. The level is high, but there are starter’s maps for gamers who want to perfect the cooperation with their flower or zombie.


Not that EA and Popcap have not listened to the players at all, because there were some complaints about the lack of a storyline for solo players. It is now in the form of missions where robot Crazy Dave bot3000 is sending you. So you fight against monstrously large goats and dozens of enemies (depending on which side you are fighting). It has not so much a story and is more a collection of small successive missions. It is more like a tutorial to make you familiar with the modes, but it pays to go through it because there is a cool mode if you play through it. Plus you learn how the fantastic hub world that the game contains because it also takes some getting used to.

Good communication

The hub is a colorful collection of things: you can go to a special terminal to set up your multiplayer, but there is also a strange box to exchange your characters, a garage where the robot is waiting for you. campaign and so on. There is a lot to discover in that part of Zomburbia, where on one side a camp is set up for the flowers, and on the other side for the zombies.

No matter which way you fight, you must ultimately make your character as strong as possible to go to battle in online multiplayer battles or higher levels of difficulty in the campaign. Leveling your characters is very natural: by taking down enemies, you earn points that determine your level. The game remembers the level of your specific character, even if you play split screen, or play completely different modes. For example, there seems to be a connection between the individual parts of the game and a very solid development of the character takes place.


That character develops not only in terms of level but in appearance and strength. For example, you can get an ice-cream version of the ordinary Citron that temporarily freezes enemies. You get that opportunity by opening ‘sticker bags’, one of the many collection items in this game that you buy with in-game money. That money leaves some enemies after their death and you also earn by completing quests. This allows you to unlock completely new variants of a certain character, but the sticker bags also contain things like funny hats or plants that you can put down as a turret for help with tower defense gameplay.

Nice and chaotic

Garden Warfare 2 has to offer in terms of gameplay and the chaos of that remains very attractive to watch. The plants and zombies look crisp and pop off your screen. During our play session the game also rarely stuck and did it, then he took back again. A great achievement, because Garden Warfare 2 sometimes asks a lot of your console. It is regrettable that no use is made of completely new music because the somewhat irritating background music from the first part has been blatantly taken over.


That music is one of the few drawbacks of Garden Warfare 2 because what you’re actually playing for this game are fantastic online multiplayer jars, upgrading your characters and fun. Garden Warfare 2 is bursting with pop culture references and dry humor, which comes to life thanks to Crazy Dave, who puts his nose around the corner every moment and offers unsolicited advice. Crazy Dave has always been a background figure, but that does not make him unimportant. His tips are in this chaotic post-apocalyptic world a fine grip. Certainly, if you throw yourself in the online multiplayer, in which the chaos reaches its peak, it is good now and then to think about that good old Dave, to continue to fight somewhat calmly.