Realms is the safe & secure way to play Minecraft multiplayer


Minecraft is a sandbox type crafting game developed and published by Mojang. The unique building aspects of Minecraft allows the players to build constructions out of cubes in a 3D environment. The game not only let you explore, gather resources and crafting but also let you combat for the resources.

Minecraft has won many awards for its amazing crafting mechanics and unique type of graphics and gameplay. The game has sold more than 121 million copies as of now making it the second best-selling video game of all time.

To play Minecraft in multiplayer mode you need a dedicated server to run the game. You can either setup your own dedicated Minecraft server which is a pain to setup or use Mojang’s realms which a paid service and saves you a lot of trouble.

Minecraft Realms is a subscription based Minecraft server which allows players to create and manage their own private servers. This is the official Minecraft server hosted by Mojang thus it provides an easy and fast way to create servers. The best thing about Realms is that the owner can manage the server from inside the game. Realms allow the players to choose from a list of mini-games to play.

In order to play Minecraft on Realms, you must have a Mojang account and must have a paid copy of Minecraft or Minecraft Pocket edition (Minecraft Pocket Edition is the smaller version of Minecraft specially made for smartphones running, Android, iOS, or Windows Phone 8.1 or above). You must be 13 years or older and must have a working internet connection.saMinecraft Realms is a subscription based service which will cost you $7.99 per month for PC/Mac version and $3.99 per month for the Pocket version of the game. You can test drive the Minecraft Realms for 30 days before applying for the paid subscription.

While Minecraft Realms is the official server for Minecraft hosted by Mojang and is there for safe and secure. It is very easy to operate and provide a number of free resources such as mini-games and maps it also has certain limitations.

  • Realms allows only whitelisted servers with up to ten players at once. It does not allow to make larger servers.
  • All the players are de-opped(even the host) within a mini-game.
  • Players cannot be invited/uninvited or opped/de-opped in-game. You must quit to the menu to invite or uninvite players.
  • Minecraft must be running to configure your Realms.

If you cannot bear these limitations you can avoid those by using the standard server software or third-party Minecraft server hosting. These third-party Minecraft hosting servers save you the trouble of setting up and maintaining your own servers so they are highly recommended if you don’t want to use Realms.