Remix OS is the perfect Android for Desktop & Tablets


When Apple first released the iPad, people thought it would eventually replace laptops in a few years. But, that did not happen. The iPad and plethora of Android tablets weren’t able to put a dent on the laptop market. The reason is that the iOS on the iPad and Android OS on many Android tablets lacked the features that are offered by a desktop OS like Mac and Windows. A must have feature for a desktop OS is easy and efficient multitasking which both Android and iOS lacks. Though Samsung provided some good multitasking features in their note like of tablets by offering a split window functionality, but still they were nothing compared to the desktop operating systems.

Luckily folks at Jide have come up with a brand new Android experience specifically for tablets, PC, and Mac which they call Remix OS. Remix OS is a basically an Android ROM which has been modified intensely to bring Android OS to the desktop. Though there have been some good efforts before in the form of Andyroid and Duos which allowed you to run Android OS on PC but, those had to be run in VMvare which failed to make a good use of the powerful hardware that a PC offers. Remix OS let you dual-boot Android with Windows or OSX. What makes Remix OS, even more great is an unmatched number of new features which makes Android and full blown Desktop OS.
Below is a list of the main features which makes Remix OS option for Desktop PC or Mac.

Truly True Multitasking


Though I have loved the multitasking capabilities of Samsung’s Note like of Tablets iOS 9s multitasking capabilities on the iPad, but Remix OS takes multitasking to a whole new level. As you can see in the demo video below, Remix OS can run Skype, Mxplayer, and Excell all running side by side just like Windows or OSX. Which saves you the effort and time of switching between different apps. That is not all, you can even resize and maximize and minimize those windows just like a desktop OS.

A Taskbar Just Like Windows


A desktop OS is incomplete without a taskbar. Remix OS brings windows like taskbar to Android. It makes the multitasking on Remix OS efficient and fun. Just like Windows 10, you can pin apps to the taskbar for easy access. Just like Windows OS you can see a start menu on the left and a system tray on the right side of the taskbar.

Windows 10 Like Notification Center


Remix OS also removes the Android’s drop-down notifications menu and give it a complete makeover such that it looks like the Charms Bar in Windows 8. when expanded the notification center looks like the Action center in Windows 10.

Shortcut mapping


Keyboard shortcuts are a time saver on any desktop OS. It makes your work fast and easy. Remix OS offers compatibility for most of the standard keyboard shortcuts you use on Windows or OSX.

A brand new file Manager


Though Android’s Play Store has a number of good file managers already in the form of ES File Explorer and some others. Remix OS comes with its own powerful file manager which supports advanced features such as drag and drop, multiple instances, external storage support and network drives.

Google Play Store support


Remix OS is Google Play certified which means you can enjoy all your favorite apps in the Android ecosystem. Though you may face some compatibility issues with certain apps as Remix platform is relatively new. On Remix OS for PC however, the Google Play Store is not pre-loaded. You have to side-load Google Mobile Services by referring to the “Download and install Google Mobile Services on Remix OS” section here.

Office Suite support


Remix OS also supports Office for Android which means you can do your office work on Remix OS effortlessly.

Easy and timely updates


The team behind Remix OS is continuously working on it to make it better and bug free, they are constantly rolling out updates refining the Remix OS. It offers an easy dedicated OTA (over the air) updater that automatically brings you updates every two weeks.

Note: Automatic updates on Remix OS for PC are currently unavailable, you will have to download the latest version from Jide’s website and burn it to your flash drive once an update is available.

Full use of Mouse and touchpad

remix-os- mouse-support

A mouse is an integral part of any Desktop computer. Remix OS supports the complete functionality of a mouse or touchpad. You can left click, right click, use the wheel etc. It also supports the major touchpad gestures such as two-finger scroll, zoom in, zoom out etc.

I am pretty impressed by what Jide has done to the Android. For me, it is the best possible way to run my favorite Android apps on PC. It can also be a good windows replacement for a change. I like how it looks too. But, since it’s an alpha version, you may find a few bugs here and there.