Rival Knights Review: A mix of Jousting and Drag Racing

rival knights
Rival Nights

Rival Knights Review and download

rival knights
Rival Knights

Ever dreamed yourself being a a medieval knight engaging in duels,taking down enemies with a lance while riding a horse? looks like your dreams have come true. Gameloft has come up with a suberb jousting game with excellent immersive gameplay and real looking graphics. You might have played Shake Spears, another jousting game with cartoonish but nice looking graphics with not so great gameplay. Rival Knights on the other hand is a different story. Rival Knights is a fast paced, thrilling and addictive jousting game with a really simple but immersive gameplay.

Rival Knights Single Player


Rival Knights take you back in time in to medieval age where you act as newbie Knight who has to fight his way up through jousting leagues earn status and seize castles. The game features solo as well as online multiplayer battles where you can challenge your friends or random people online. The Single Player mode consists of 5 leagues each one having more than 70 battles while some battles has to be won on best of three basis. To succeed in a league you also need to win boss fights and believe me those bosses are tough. You will need some heavy upgrades to give them a hard fight. There are at least 120 unclokables in the game. You can buy different helms, armors, horses and lances to improve your performance. You can also upgrade every unlock-able to further improve its performance.

The Leagues in Rival Knights

  • League of the Rose
  • League of the Wind
  • League of the Falcon
  • League of the Gryphon
  • League of the Dragon
There are 5 leagues. Each level has 5 bosses to beat

Rival Knights Multiplayer

What makes Rival Knights interesting is the events section which let you play online multiplayer battles against your friends and random people from around the world. The events section is further divided into events. The “Meadmaker’s Fair” in which you have to fight the battles to climb a leader-board. The Echelon Tournament is the big deal where you have to spend diamonds to participate in the knockout tournament. The winner of the Tournament is rewarded with 50 diamonds while the runner up gets 20 diamonds. The downside of the multiplayer is you cannot fight with real players directly instead you fight with the computer controlled versions other players. There is also an energy system. You are given six energy seals for both single player and multiplayer battles, which means you cannot fight more than 6 multiplayer or single player battles back to back. The good is the energy refills in a quick fashion.

Rival Knights Events Screen

Rival Knights Graphics

As you would expect from Gameloft, Rival Knights packs some stunning real life like 3D graphics beautifully rendered and smoothly animated. The game offers a great environment with a big influence of physics, changing weather conditions and time of day. You can actually feel the pace as your horse approach towards the opponent. The battle ends with a beautiful slow-mo animation of you or the opponent get smashed in to the ground. The graphics of the Rival Knights is one of the best that you will find on a smartphone. The reflections the light just every thing is great as for as graphics are considered.

rival knights cenemetics
displays great slow-mo animation at the end of each round

Rival Knights Gameplay

Graphics is not the only part that we love about this game. The gameplay is excellent too. The navigation between menus is simple and straight forward the game is easy to start. A tap is all it needs to play the game. The controls scheme has a touch of the drag racing car games. The counting starts, 3,2,1. You have to tap the screen just before the word “Go” appears on the screen to have a perfect start. Tap again when the arrow gets to the green section of the bar. It works like gear shifting in a drag racing game. Now as a final move, drag the lance around to target the sweet spot dealing more damage. Good timing is all you need to succeed in Rival Knights.

rival knights gameplay
Gameplay is immersive and controls are simple


Rival Knights is a fun game with awesome 3D graphics coupled with a fast paced and addictive gameplay backed up by nice sound effects. Above all its free to download.