How to Run Android Apps on PC or Mac – Tutorial

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run android apps on pc
You can launch Andy from desktop

Run Android Apps on PC

Do you want to run Android Apps or a full blown Android OS on PC which is one of the most dominant Operating Systems of today. It has millions of great games and high quality apps which you won’t find in your windows operating systems. What is best about these apps and games is that they are very light and easy to use. In this tutorial we will show you how to run Android apps on Mac or PC. Following this tutorial you will not only be able to run Android apps on PC or Mac, but, you will also have a full Android OS experience on your PC.


  1. An dual core AMD or Intel with Vitrualization
  2. Windows 7  x86/x64 Windows 8 x86/x64
  3. At least 3GB RAM
  4. Minimum 20GB free space
  5. Open GL ES2.0 capable video card
run android apps on pc
Andy Lets you run full Android OS UI on PC

Run Android Apps on PC Using Andy The Android Emulator

Andy Emulator is a free utility which can let you have a full Android experience on your MAC or PC. If you want to experience android OS before switching to an Android phone, or you just want to enjoy Android apps and games like Clash of Clans, Asphalt 8, Real racing 3, messaging, Whatsapp etc. on your PC, this utility is the way to go. You can sync Andy with your Android device with 1clicksync app which is on the main apps page. Andy can also be controlled remotely via your phone. You can also use Bluestacks to run Android apps on PC, but it lacks the UI of Android. Its function is to run Android apps and games only, whereas Andy can not only run apps and game, but you can also fully enjoy UI of android. Which I think is a much richer experience of Android.

smartphone as a conroller
Use your smartphone as wireless Controller

Why to use Andy Android Android Emulator?

  1.  You can use your phone as a remote control when playing games.
  2. Run all your communication apps from your desktop (Snapchat, What’s app, Line, Viber etc.}
  3. Seamless transition of apps from PC to mobile device without the hassle of wire line or wireless connection. Experience Full Android User Interface.

 Before You install Andy Android Emulator

Verify that your PC supports virtualization. In order to know how to do that and how to enable virtualization if its not enabled already, Read the PDF guide below. If PDF guide is taking too much time to load, you can find the  PDF Guide here

Tutorial: Install The Andy Android Emulator

  1. Download Andy Installer (
  2. Once Downloaded click on the installer icon. Andy will automatically download install and download andy.
  3. Reboot your PC as directed by the Popup after the successful installation.
  4. Right Click on the Handy Andy icon in the notifications tray at the right bottom of your computer screen.
  5. Click on “Start Andy”. A browser window opens up which takes you to the Andy Facebook fan page. Like the fan page if you want to and again right click on the Handy Andy icon. Click “Start Andy”. (Note: Andy might take a little time to start for the first time, so be patient and don’t close the program)
  6. Open Andy and wait for the Welcome Screen, now click Start.
  7.  Now sign into your Google Account just as you would do using a phone/tablet. You will be asked to supply you Google account info for 1clickSync app which Sync andy with you android device. And you will see Andoid home screen. That’s it. Now open Google Play Store and install and run Android apps on PC.



Now that you have installed Andy Emulator you should not miss these Best free Android games. We also a prepared list of top 10 free apps for Android that you might try on your PC.

Note If you don’t want to run a complete Android OS on PC and just want to run Android Apps on PC you should try Bluestacks or ARC Welder Google Chrome Extension.