Salesforce Lightning Makes Building Responsive Apps Easier



Lightning incorporates the framework of lightning component and some cool new tools for developers. Salesforce Lightning makes it simple to develop applications which are responsive and adapt itself to any device.

Lightning incorporates these technologies

  • The components of lightning deliver you a server-client framework that accelerates the app performance as well as development, and is perfect for use with salesforce lightning experience and salesforce 1 mobile app.
  • The lightning application builder entitles you to develop apps quicker, without code, visually utilizing the custom-built and off-the –shelf components of lightning. Lightning components can be made available in the lightning app builder, so the administrators can develop customer user interfaces without code.

Utilizing these technologies, you can easily deploy and seamlessly customize new apps to mobile devices running salesforce 1. Actually, salesforce lightning experience and salesforce 1 mobile app are developed with lightning components.

Why use Lightning Component Framework?

The benefits incorporate a framework optimized for performance, event-driven architecture and an unusual set of components

Out-of-the-box component set

The lightning component framework comes with an unusual set of components to start developing the apps effectively. There is no need to waste your time on optimizing your apps for various devices as the components do that for you.

Rich Component Ecosystem

Generate business-ready components and make them available in communities, salesforce 1 and lightning experience. The navigation menu gives the salesforce1 users access to your components. Customize communities or lightning experience utilizing drag- and-drop components on a lightning page in the lightning app builder or making use of community builder. For your organization, extra components are available in the AppExchange. In this way, the components can be published and can be shared by us with other users.


Lightning component framework makes use of a stateless server and stateful client architecture that depends on JavaScript on the client side to handle the application data and metadata of the UI component. The client interacts with the server only when there is an absolute necessity, for instance, to get more data or metadata. The server only delivers the data that is required by the user for the purpose of maximizing the efficiency. The framework utilizes JSON to interchange the data between the client and the server. It uses your network, server, browser and devices intelligently so you can focus on the interactions and logic of your apps.

Event-driven Architecture

Lightning component framework utilizes an event-driven architecture for effective decoupling between the components. Any component can subscribe to a component event they can observe or to an application event

Faster Development

Lightning component framework enables the teams to work much quicker with components that are unusual and seamlessly function with mobile and desktop devices. Developing an app with components facilitates parallel design, enhancing the efficiency of overall development

Components are enclosed and their internals remain private, and their public shape can be seen by the consumers of the component. This powerful separation gives freedom to the component authors to alter the details of internal implementation and insulates the consumers of the component from those changes

For the salesforce community cloud, the lightning experience offers some major benefits and improvements from the visualforce framework or legacy community templates


The above-stated benefits of lightning component framework bring a reimagined consumer-like experience that is smart, efficient and modern to the users of salesforce across various devices like mobile, tablet and desktop. Due to various ou-of-the-box innovations arising day-by-day from salesforce, it is the most famous and preferred company offering CRM service and it also capitalizes on the social networking’s commercial applications. Almost all the organizations are utilizing salesforce for its customer relationship management services. There is a high demand for salesforce professionals in the present IT market and there are a lot of job opportunities present in this area. People who take up salesforce as a career and obtain salesforce training can certainly get benefited as there are lot of job opportunities for salesforce professionals today.