Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to support the new UFS memory cards?



Removable storage is a great addon to increase the storage capacity of a mobile phone or tablet. The downside is, they are very slow compared to the internal storage of the phone. It is very painful sometimes while transferring large files from these microSD cards. Looks like Samsung has just found the solution to this problem.

Samsung Unveils World’s first UFS removable memory cards

Samsung today unveiled the world’s first UFS (Universal Flash Storage) memory cards. The new removal memory cards promise read speed of 530MB/s that’s about 0.5GB/s and about five times faster than fastest microSD cards these days. The write speed is also very impressive as Samsung promises up to 170MB/s sequential writing which is almost two to three times faster.

These new UFS memory cards will come in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB up to a whopping 256GB storage capacities. The UFS storage first debuted as internal storage in the Samsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge. It is the first time that UFS has been made into a removable card. Currently, there are no devices which support the removable UFS cards.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to support removable UFS memory?

Samsung has made this announcement at a time when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unveiling event is just about three weeks away. There is a good chance that the upcoming Note device will support the new UFS memory cards. If Samsung Galaxy Note 7 really comes with UFS memory card support, we think Samsung made a mistake by announcing it before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 event. Had they announced the new UFS memory cards with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it would have added a lot of marketing boost to the Note 7.

Let wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unveil event to know for sure if it will come with the support for the newly announced UFS external memory. Samsung hasn’t yet announced the pricing but expect a higher price tag since it is a new technology. We will update you about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 price when it is officially unveiled on August 2.

Update: Unfortunately Support for UFS memory cards didn’t make it to the Galaxy Note 7 however, you should check these 10 best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features. Even the Galaxy Note 7’s S-Pen has 5 cool new features that are worth checking out.