Samsung Galaxy Note7 to come with a digitizer-less touchscreen?


From earlier rumors, we know that Samsung will release the new Note i.e the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a curved display. As we have seen previously on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, curved LED are of the flexible nature. According to a new rumor from ETNEWS the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with a digitizer-less display technology to make the device thinner and lighter.

According to the South Korean publication, Samsung is going to use a new technology called Y-OCTA which allows for the touch sensors to be embedded into the display itself during the manufacturing process. Doing so, there will be no need to use a separate digitizer layer, thus making the display thinner, lighter and less prone to shatter. Now ETNEWS is saying that Samsung is going so to make the Note 7 and future Samsung devices thinners but the good thing to do will be to use that little extra space to make the battery larger.


Why is this bad news for Synaptics?

While this is a good news for Samsung and its lovers, it is a very bad news for Synaptics and other manufacturers of touchscreen digitizers. Samsung has been previously using touchscreen digitizers built by Synaptics into their smartphones. Now embedding the touch sensors directly into the display, there is no need to buy digitizers from Synaptics. Samsung also sells its displays to other OEMs which means more loss of market share and revenue for the manufacturers of the touch-digitizers.

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The Korean publication could not confirm the news from Samsung when a reporter contacted a representative for Samsung Display. The Samsung representative said, “We cannot confirm any details regarding information of our technologies and partners.” What do you think about the new technology? Should it be used to make the device thinner or make the battery larger? Please let us know in the comments.