Scope of the Career in MicroStrategy


With the inflow of a huge volume of data comes the need to handle it better. In any corporate career, BI is considered to be more people based. Present day corporates are looking forward to Software and BI platforms. MicroStrategy is leading the market in terms of Business Intelligence. It is an enterprise business intelligence (BI) application software vendor. This tool is intended to be the “one-stop shop” for all reporting needs. So, the scope seems to be really very bright and large. The platform aids in interactive dashboards, scorecards, ad-hoc query, thresholds, alerts, and automated report distribution. It is an ultimate data warehouse tool for reporting with the abilities of scheduling reports via narrowcaster acquisition, report building for the mobile interface, dashboard reporting and its prime venture into data visualization.

Microstrategy represents a big investment financially, as well as technically. It surely is up to the task for the coming years. Microstrategy BI Developers are in good demand now and it is expected to increase as more and more companies are adding Microstrategy to their BI Stack. MicroStrategy Training is an ultimate platform to quickly develop practical skills and explore the latest features of the platform. Whether you’re just getting started, an experienced user or just curious, MicroStrategy is right in its own way, and its training is essential.

Microstrategy is used across almost all domains:

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Tele-Communications

  • Real Estate

  • Manufacturing

  • Education

  • Oil & Gas

Making the core functionalities of MicroStrategy available freely to anyone is also a great way to drive more people towards Microstrategy. The organization considers its users to be the biggest asset and is hence paying attention to its users and listening to their feedback. It is really paying attention to their views and periodically improving the products and its offerings. Jumpstart program, Free Microstrategy Desktop, Stable versions etc. are some of the improvements made based on such customer feedback. It extends its job opportunities across countries like USA, UAE, UK, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore, Canada and more.

It is good to work on one of the leading BI tools in the market. MicroStrategy has a great advantage over other companies as they are the largest independently owned BI platform. MicroStrategy positions itself as the best of breed and companies who pick individual technologies that lead their specific areas.

The average yearly salary for “Microstrategy” ranges from approximately $70,765 per year for a Data Analyst to $131,734 per year for Senior Architect.

Quick Words…

Considering different needs, Microstrategy is on the right track and ensured to be the right BI tool. It has been continuously addressing its weaknesses while retaining its strong points. It is still the best mobile BI solution and seems dedicated to close the bridge with its competitors in term of speed and ease of use.