Should You Hire SEO Agency or Freelance SEO For Website Marketing


Many businessmen especially those who have just recently started their own business are hesitant to start marketing on the Internet with the help of SEO. There is one serious reason and that is the price of services of the SEO agencies.

Search engine optimization is not a short-term deal and it takes time before the results start showing up in the search engines. When they know that result of their investment won’t be fruitful immediately they tend to let go of the SEO and look for other marketing tools for immediate results such as PPC and social media marketing.

While online advertisement and social media marketing may give you some quick exposer, the results of good SEO are long-lasting. A successful SEO campaign, if carried out correctly, can replenish every cent that you have invested in it at the beginning.

However, the fact remains: not all entrepreneurs have a budget, time and patience to implement such a long-term business model, especially without having any idea on its results and deadlines. Many people are well aware of the importance of SEO because we all live in the era of online search, but they do not dare to make a step in this direction because of the high costs and potential risks that can trap a businessman along the way.

The path to SEO leads in two directions. You can either try to do it all yourself or resort to the help of an SEO consultant firm or freelance specialist in this field. Each of the options has its pros and cons. Let’s consider each one in detail below.

The Biggest Deciding Factor While Choosing SEO Consultant

The most important factor stopping businesses from starting work with SEO is finance, especially the very first installment that everyone fears the most. Of course, no one excludes the possibility of trying to optimize everything on their own, however, you will soon encounter a complete shortage of time and, seeing no particular results, you will most likely give up this business in the first month. Thus, the better approach is to hire a qualified SEO-specialist or SEO-firm that will do all the work for you.

As a rule, SEO consultants that promote websites on the Internet offer special service packages depending on your requirements. You can find companies requesting $500 a month and less for very basic SEO services, but it’s better, after all, to think out in advance what you need for search engine optimization. Prices for standard SEO packages range from $ 200 to $ 10,000 per month, depending on the size of your business, the number of keywords and pages you want to rank, and your geographic location and can be adjusted by the additional services you choose. One of the advantages of most agencies is the ability to divide the cost of the package into parts, choosing from it only those services that you need in your work.

Paying SEO specialists depends on their experience and the location of your company. In large and medium-sized cities, the services of such a person will cost you from $ 6000 to $ 100,000 per year.

Alternatively, you can hire a part-time contract worker and thus pay him less, but here you should prepare yourself for less work and, most likely, not at the highest level.

Which One is The Best Option, SEO Agency or Freelancer?

Companies usually work with teams of SEO-specialists i.e several writers, developers, SMM-managers and experts in other areas of website promotion. Thus, it turns out that for one week they spend two hours writing content for your site, two hours sharing posts in social networks and three hours dialing the link base. Such a segmented approach to the promotion on the Internet is usually more effective, because for a certain time and a certain fee you will be guaranteed to get a certain job done by competent and qualified people, which means you can take the very step to success you are waiting for.

The problem with SEO freelancers is that they too often “switch fields” and do everything little by little, thus not being full-fledged specialists in at least one of the areas described in the previous paragraph. The work of one person can not replace the teamwork of several specialists in their fields. The effect will be quite different.

In Case of Failure To Deliver

Another incredibly important reason for thinking is the result of the work done. By hiring a person to work with SEO and giving him your money, you can’t be completely sure that you’ll end up with exactly what you wanted. Yes, if the work of your employee after the year is not fruitful, you can easily say goodbye to him, however, you can never get your money back.

Most of the search engine optimization consultants reimburse their customers part of the amount paid by them in case they fail to achieve the required results. It all depends on the type of company with which you work, and on those promises that you heard from its representatives before the start of your cooperation. According to statistics, if it comes to financial risks, then working with an SEO agency is more efficient and economical.

So, What is The Best Choice?

As you can understand from this article, in most cases working with an agency is the best option of all. Yes, most likely, you will not be able to keep full control over the work process. However, the record shows that the results of such cooperation are more professional, organized and effective, albeit rather expensive, unlike the services of a freelancer.

Of course, if you work in a very large company, then you have to think even better because probably none of the options described in this article are suitable for you. You will need to contact more qualified experts in the field of search engine optimization to obtain more meaningful results in this area.

Start by evaluating your budget and your final goals. You can make the right choice only if you clearly know what you need.