Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H compact phone released in Japan


Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H is a powerful yet compact phone with a decent design

Compact smartphones with powerful specs are very rare these days. The last compact but powerful phone was Sony Xperia Z5 Compact with a 4.6-inch display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Besides Sony, no one else has tried to put the specs of a flagship inside a compact phone. Looks like the love for compact high-end flagships exist only in the heart of the Japanese as Sharp has yesterday released a compact phone with promising hardware.



The Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H is the latest phone from Sharp with a 4.7-inch Full HD display. Besides the compact form factor, Sharp Aquos Mini comes with a unique front panel having very small bezels at the top and the sides resulting in an impressive screen to body ratio of 73%. The sharp Aquos Mini is water and dust resistant having IP68 certification.


Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H Camera

On the back of the phone, we have a 13.1MP primary OIS-enabled camera with f/1.9 along with an LED flash. The camera is claimed to be able to shoot slow motion video up to 2,100 frames per second which sounds impressive if the resulting video is of respectable resolution. There is a 5MP wide angled selfie cam on the front with a field of view of 83 degrees.


Processor, Memory, Battery

Under the hood is a hexa-core Qualcom Snapdragon 808 processor with Adreno 418 GPU running the show. As for the internal storage the phone packs 3GB or RAM and 16GB internal storage. The internal storage is not very promising but the inclusion of a microSD card slot makes up for it. The 2,810 mAh battery will keep the phone on for more than a day. On the software side the phone is said to come with the Android 6.0.3 Marshmallow installed out of the box.


Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H Availability

Sadly for now Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H is only available in Japan through Rakuten mobile. Though Sharp has been releasing phones in the US in the past, we don’t know if Sharp Aquos Mini SH-03H will ever make it to the US. Rakuten mobile is offering the phone for about $20 per month. Without a contract the smartphone can be purchased for about $435 which does sound like a bad deal.