Shopify: The Best Solution To Setup Online Store The Easy Way


Shopping online is the go-to way for a huge number of people around the world. Just in 2016, there had been around $1471bn sales online worldwide. Just in the United States, the number of online shoppers is more than 205 million. E-commerce is the growing business platform around the whole world. Even the underdeveloped countries such as Nigeria, Srilanka, and Bangladesh are becoming big marketplaces for online shopping. More and more businesses are going online. There are many platforms using which you can easily setup your online store. The easiest and ready to platform is the Shopify. It is the best E-commerce platform to sell your products Online.

Shopify is a box full of solutions that can deal with a store with few thousand bucks income to a business extended to millions of dollars. It gives the proper plans for pricing and building up your business. It not only provides you with a readymade script but also provides the Domain names, Just search for your desired domain name click on the buy domain button. It provides the fastest web hosting that is 100% compatible with the platform. You don’t need to look to a third party for anything. There are hundreds of high quality and attractive templates available which you can buy to make your site stand apart from the rest of the world.


The pricing is pretty affordable in comparison to other stores such as Big Cartel. The Cheapest offline pricing starts from $9 which is Lite Shopify, Basic Shopify at $29, Shopify at $79 and can extend to $299 which is Advanced Shopify. All the offers work on a monthly basis. Each plan allows you to sell an unlimited number of products.

How it works:

The platform does not allow your website to be fully functional independently rather you can use your Facebook page to sell your products or you can have a free access to the Shopify Buy button that you can use to sell your products.

It is basically a hosted app so there is no need to buy web hosting. Hosting is present at all levels and by the help of CDN, it is the fastest in all countries, regardless in which region of the world they exist. It keeps and sets up your existing domain and continues the hosting of your website. It keeps all the software updated and ensures that all your data is backed up.


It provides a variety of themes from which you can choose the desired one
You can actually sell physical or digital products depending upon your shipping rates and method of choosing

  • It can edit Html and CSS
  • Payments could be done by Stripe or PayPal or even a third party payment gateway
  • It has an excellent Search Engine Optimization. So you can easily put relevant keywords and look for whatever product you require.
  • You can easily import/export products and data
  • It has a Content management facility (CMS)
  • It has blogging functionalities which are quite comparable to a WordPress website. There is an allowance to create multiple staff accounts.

Pros of doing E-commerce on Shopify:

Why Shopify is considered the best while doing E-commerce trade lies in the following points that highlight the benefits and provide a deeper insight to the users about the functionality of the App store.

  • The Shopify Buy button is a tool that allows buying and selling by using Shopify on other websites such as WordPress or Jimbo.
  • The payment method is simple and easy with PayPal integration. No additional transaction fee is charged if you are willing to go on with Stripe.
  • The app’s function and accessibility can be extended by using the third party apps for which the user has to pay.
  • The interface used is clean and easy to use.
  • It automatically works out the VAT MOSS rates.
  • It provides a wide range and variety of templates.
  • With a hosted solution, the Lite plan provided by Shopify is the cheapest and most used among all its competitors.
  • A total of 325000 online stores uses this app to sell products and generate a total of 24 billion dollars in sales.