Spelling Super Star Review: A Great App For Kids

spelling super star

Spelling Super Star Lets your kids learn spellings in an interesting way

spelling super star review Does your child struggles at remembering spellings? we might know something which will let you learn spellings in a very easy and interesting way. Spellings Super Star is an excellent Android and iOS app lets your kids learn spellings in a very intuitive way. Spellings Super star use trial and error method to teach your children spellings. It requires very little supervision on your part and its easy for children to use.

spelling super star categories
800 words in 15 categories

Spelling Super Star is easy to use, kids are presented with a hand drawn picture that represent the word they are required to spell . If kids are having trouble with a word, they can just tap the image and will hear the answer. There three difficulty levels easy, medium and hard. There are 15 categories consisting over 800 words ranging from jobs to animals, around the house to food and drink, and vegetables and school. Its goal for kids is not to learn complex words but to make them able to spell the words used in daily life. spelling super star Each round has a 2 mins deadline  during which kids have to spell as many words as they can. The more words they spell correct, the higher the score is. It also has a leader board using which kids can compete with each other. For every 10 correct words you get, a rocket is launched that releases bonus stars, tap as many as you can to get extra points and increase your playing time. . In Spelling Super Star kid can also compete against each other in a two player mode. A great option if you have multiple kids sharing a single iOS/Android device.

spelling super star two player
Compete with each other in a 2 player mode

Spelling Super Star also has a glossary section where it shows the written words besides each corresponding image. So, if your kids get stuck with a spelling they can always refer to the glossary section. Spelling Super Star also offers a couple of customization so that kids don’t get bored looking at the same app layout again and again. Kids can change the style of the letters. Spelling Super Star also includes 12 background images to choose from. Usually many apps that are targeted at kids often includes tons of paid in-app purchases which often results in kids spending a lot of money without knowing they are actually spending it. Kids don’t care any way. Spelling Super Star offers absolutely free in-app purchases so you won’t get robbed.

Spelling Super Star glossary
Stuck with a spelling? a glossary is there to rescue

Spelling Super Star doesn’t prompt for sharing anything on social networks or an App review. You don’t have to worry about leaving your child unsupervised. Spelling Super Star includes support for both English and Spanish. The developer says that the next version will include support for french and a new learning mode. Spelling Super Star is a great game for kids, it can improve their spelling abilities. A must have app for kids.