LG V20 or LG V11 launch rumored for early September


LG has had a very rough start in 2016 thanks to the poor sales of uninspiring LG G5. Last year’s LG V10 which wasn’t a flagship phone got some really good reviews so a successor might be in the works. Considering the poor sales of the LG G5, LG really need a great second half of the year to make up for the poor first half. LG V11 or LG V20 might turn out to be the perfect recipe considering they make some real overall improvement over last year’s V10.

Today ETNews from South Korea has reported that LG would bring forward the release of the LG V11 or V20. Last year’s V10 was announced in October, according to ETNews, LG V20 will be launched in early September to grab more sales before the Apple iPhone 7 has been landed. Samsung is going to launch the Note 7 on August 2 so LG might have a very tiny window between the launch of two of the most anticipated phones of 2016.

There is no concrete word on the name of the device, as ETNEWS says the name hasn’t been decided yet. It may be called LG V11 or LG V20 but there is a good chance that it might be called V20 instead of V11.


LG V10 Specs, What to expect for LG V20?

Last year’s LG V10 has a 5.7 inch Quad HD display with the addition of a 2.1 secondary display. The phone has a beautiful, premium and rugged design. The chassis of the phone is made up of 316L stainless steel covered with chromium oxide which upon scratching reacts with oxygen in the air and heals itself. The top, bottom and back of the phone are made up of what LG calls Dura Skin. Dura-Skin is an elastic, silicone-like material that according to LG is twice as resistant to scratches as plastic and 10x better than aluminium. The durability and the-the secondary screen is what makes LG V10 stand out from the rest of the crowd. The camera on the LG V10 is still one of the best that you can find on a smartphone. We think the LG V20 or V11 might have a similar kind of build and a secondary screen.


LG 20, Battery and Processor should be bumped up

LG V10 is powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor which is the only thing why we are reluctant to call it a flagship phone. We are sure LG might want change that this time by including a high-end processor like Snapdragon 821 or 823 to really compete with the Note 7. LG V10 has a 3000 mAh which isn’t that impressive for a phone with a 5.7-inch screen so LG might also want to bump that a bit. I am personally a big fan of LG V10 and expect LG will improve on that. A little smaller screen (5.5) will be much better.