The Important Role Of Technology In Online Security


There’s absolutely no doubt in the fact that technology has given us so much that we just can’t thank it enough. If you do some research on what the world was like 10 or 20 years ago, you’ll definitely see what we are talking about here and how technology has helped us grow and how it brought convenience to our lives.

Information can now be shared easily, there are some jaw-dropping devices and gadgets out there that are built just for making our lives easier and more convenient. There’s gene editing now, there’s machine learning, there’s artificial intelligence. The point is that technology plays and has played a very important role in upgrading our lives and improving our living standards.

It’s not only the convenience that technology and its advancements have brought in our life, in fact, we are also now more secure and safe too. Yes, you read that right! When it comes to online safety, technology plays a major role, and that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Here are some examples of how technology is protecting us online;

Data Encryption

Decades ago, no one even thought that there’s going to be something called “Data encryption” but guess what? Now, it’s a pretty common term, and this is the one thing that helps people in securing their personal information and their data online.

Internet is not safe, and there are hackers lurking all over to attack you and access your personal and private information for various motives. This is where ‘data encryption’ comes in handy when you use the encryption technology on your devices, all your data gets encoded and only those who are authorized can have access to it. No matter what you search and enter on the internet, it’s all going to be safe and encoded.

Fingerprints Replacement Of Passwords

Traditionally, people secure their data and lock their devices with the help of passwords but now the time has changed, and there’s this technology that allows you to lock your phones and other such devices through fingerprints.

Hackers can guess your password combinations easily as they are expert in this, but when it comes to the fingerprint locking system, it becomes impossible for hackers and violators to unlock your devices and hence they can’t enter your online space.

Security Applications

There are thousands of applications on the internet that can be used for security purposes. For example, if you’ve given your little one a mobile phone, and he has access to the internet too, you can just simply use a security monitoring app and keep a check on him whether he is in safe hands or not, who is he talking to on the internet and what’s his online activity.

It’s not only for children, in fact, if you are worried about someone and if you want the best security for them on the internet then yes you can use such applications, and you’ll see the results on your own.

AntiVirus Software

One way or the other, these software programs are helping to keep you safe from the attackers and hackers online. You see, there’s so much malicious content on the web that you have no idea and clicking on a single malicious URL can give the hackers the access to your device and all your information on it.

Now, when you use reputed antivirus software, what happens is that the malicious websites with viruses don’t open on your device and a warning sign appears. This is also a major example of how technology is keeping us safe online.

The internet was never and will never be a safe place (keeping in view the current circumstances). So, the wiser thing to do is to keep yourself updated on the technological advancements, especially the ones that can protect you online.