Tommy The Turtle: Learn To Code Teach Your Kids How To Code


Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code is a fun educational app for kids allowing them to learn basic coding in a fun and interactive way.

Educational apps for smartphones are an efficient tool to help kids with learning basic education like learning the Alphabets, Numbers, reading, writing, and music. There are a number of educational apps available for kids helping children learn the Alphabets, Maths, phonics, music, etc but Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code is a unique app which teaches kids the basic concept of programming in an interesting way.

Tommy the Turtle: Learn to Code uses a game-like interface and commands to teach the kids how to code without having to write complex and boring syntax. It helps the kids develop their logical thinking. It let children execute simple commands, sequences and loops to help Tommy move, walk, spin, turn and sing on the screen. The interface of the app is very well laid out and kids can easily interact with the buttons executing different commands.

The app comes with a narrated and guided tutorial so kids don’t even need an elder to get them familiar with how to operate the app. There are 8 commands that children can execute along with loop commands to repeat the actions. There are three modes 1. Tutorial 2. Free Play 3. Challenge. Tutorial gets kids familiar with how to execute different commands in the app. Freeplay is where you can practice coding based on trial and error mechanism. You can try different commands but you won’t get any instructions or assistance. Challenge is where you test your coding skills. It is like your final project. You will be given tasks which you have to complete using different commands. There are a total number of 4 challenges in the challenge mode which I think is a little less. The challenges could have been more mixing different commands.

Overall Tommy the Turtle is a great companion for kids to learn the basic concept of programming in an easy and fun way. It’s more like a game. Your kid will never get bored trying and executing different commands to make the turtle move, spin, jump, and sing. The app is free both on the Apple Appstore and Google Play Store without any in-app purchases or advertisements so there is no excuse to not try this wonderful app.

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