Top 10 Best Photography Apps For Android 2017


Here is my list of the 10 Best Photography Apps for Android for the year 2017

Smartphones cameras have been improved so much during the last couple of years that it has taken the place of point and shoot cameras. Now there is no need to carry a phone and a bulky camera together as today’s smartphone can take as good photos as a point and shoot camera if not better. Latest Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, Google Pixel, LG V20 and Huawei Mate 9 come equipped with incredible cameras coupled with a great camera software. But, in case you are not satisfied with your smartphone’s built-in camera app, don’t worry. There are some great third party camera apps available on the play store.


While all these smartphone cameras and camera applications are great. You will sometimes also need to polish your photos with a good photo editing software to inspire people with your photos. There is some great and powerful software available for PC using which you can polish and transform your photos into something incredible.

In case you are not familiar how to work with those complex photo editors like Photoshop and Lightroom or want to edit your photos on the go from within your smartphone, There are some great photo editing apps available on the Play Store. The photo editing apps are very easy to use and let you efficiently polish your photos and add filters and effects to it. Some camera apps also come with photo editors built-in using which you can edit your photo right away.

In this article, we have gathered some great photography apps for Android using which you can capture great photos and edit them afterward. In the first section of this article, we have listed 4 Best camera apps for Android. In the second section, we have listed some great photo editing apps for Android. In the end, we have listed a great app which lets you share your photos with other photographers from around the world. Enjoy the best photography Apps for Android.

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Best Photography apps for Android 2017

1. Camera FV 5 ($3.41)


The No. 1 on our best photography apps for Android is Camera FV-5Camera FV 5 is specifically designed for pro photographers who love to play with the Camera’s manual control. Camera FV 5 gives you more control over your camera than any other app on Google Play Store. You can choose from among several focus modes and metering options. You can also set the Camera’s ISO speed. You can also set focus and exposure on separate areas of the screen.

There is also an onscreen exposer compensation slider which you can access directly from the right bottom of the screen. What I enjoyed the most in camera FV 5 is that it allows you to record exposures as long as 60 seconds, which comes in handy at night for creating light trails. Despite such a huge feature set the camera interface is reasonably easy to use, not beautiful, though. Camera FV-5 will cost you, at least, $3.41 however, there is also a free version that only allows you to capture low res photos.


2. A better Camera


The 2nd. place in our best  photography apps for Android is “A better camera”. A Better Camera is a powerful camera having a huge set of amazing features. A better camera is free on the Play store with in-app purchases. The app offers amazing controls and options such as panorama, multi-shot, expo-bracketing, burst mode, night mode, night mode and best shot.

Another great feature is the HDR option which works for both still photos and video, however, video HDR works only on devices running Android 4.3 and up. Although there are various focus options such as auto-focus, macro, continuous focus, infinity, I have noticed the camera does not focus well in the first photo. There are 14 different scene modes. A better camera also allows you to control the ISO, you can choose from 100 to 3200 ISO value.


3. Camera Awesome


The No. 3 spot in our best photography apps for Android belongs to Camera Awesome. Camera Awesome is an awesome camera app which packs a lot of cool features. The app interface looks pretty and is very easy to use. On many devices, the app provides various options for controlling the exposure. You can set focus and exposure on separate areas of the screen.

Sadly on many devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, the exposure icon remains locked in the center of the focus icon. However, you can set the exposure using the exposure compensation slider. Camera Awesome also gives you control over camera ISO settings. The app also offers an HDR mode, which works faster than other third party apps that I have tried.


4. Google Camera (Free)


I have not been a fan of the stock Android before, but after the last update when Google made the Google Camera app available on the Play Store, I am amazed how the camera has been improved. Google Camera comes with a clean and minimalist interface with a small but very effective feature set. Though I did find the low light photos taken using the Google Camera inferior to the Built-in camera app of the LG G3, in good light the app lets you take wonderful photos.

The lens blur feature on Google Camera let you take SLR type photos. Another great feature offered by Google Camera is the Photo Sphere that allows you to create a 360 degree immersive Google Street View type of scalable image though I did not have any luck capture a perfect photosphere. Overall the performance is excellent and hassle free.


5. Snapseed (Free)


Snapseed is one of the coolest and easy to use photo editor for Android and iPhone. Its autocorrect feature works better than any other photo editor on the market. If you have taken a photo want to quickly edit it, Snapseed is the best app to go with. There are also other cool tools and filters available like black & White, Vintage, retro lax, center focus, tilt-shift, etc.

There is also a handful of frames to add to your photos. What I liked the most in Snapseed is the autocorrect, tune image and detail settings. Snapped absolutely free so, there is no reason not to try it.


6. Autodesk Pixlr (Free)


The next best photography app for Android is Pixlr. Pixlr is the best free online editor on the internet, the same can be said for the Android version. Autodesk Pixlr packs tons of tools and features inside. It is the most feature-rich photo editor app on the Play store. There are more than a dozen image adjustment options, tons of cool overlays and many different effects. Autodesk Pixlr is also absolutely free and you get premium features just by signing into Autodesk. Believe me, you will be surprised what you can do with Autodesk Pixlr.


7. After Focus (Free)


After focus brings DSLR-like features to your smartphone. It allows you to blur and sharpen certain areas of the photo. The idea is simple, select the foreground option and roughly paint around the edges of the object that you want to focus on. Now select the background option and roughly paint around the edges of the areas which you want to get blurred. Select how much you want to blur or sharpen certain area. The result is a cool DSLR like effect in your photos.

After Focus is a free app, but to get the most out of the app, you should upgrade to the paid one which unlocks the feather effect. The feather effect allows you to make a nice transition from sharp to the blurred area without any ugly looking sharp edges.


8. Photo Editor by Aviary (Free + in-app purchases)


No. 8 on our best Photography apps list for Android is Editor by Aviary. Photo Editor by Aviary is another great free photo editor with some amazing image adjustment tools and effects. Photo Editor by Aviary has an amazing one-tap auto enhance feature which works perfectly, without ruining anything for you.

Aviary allows you to easily remove blur or fuzziness, tweak color temperature, adjust brightness and contrast, crop, rotate, straighten and other basic stuff. Aviary also features enough filters, frames, and overlays in the free version, however, those are not enough for you, you can also download more by signing up for a free Adobe account. More are available as in-app purchases.


9. Vignette


The next in our best photography apps for Android is Vignette. The vignette is a beautiful camera and a photo editor app. It does not pack many features, the ones it does have are great. Vignette allows you to add tilt-shift effect, cross process photos, duotone effects, plus more than 70 customizable filters and 50 filters. Its camera is also packed with a few interesting features like digital zoom, time-lapse, self-timer and a few more. The interface is sharp and easy to use. Here are few examples of what you can do with Vignette app.


10 Mix By Camera 360

I am not a big fan of Camera 360 but I love Mix by Camera 360 team. It is a great tool to edit your photos and apply cool effects and filters to it. You can also create your own effects and share with the Mix Community. Similarly, you can download and use filters created by other Mix users. Mix has a great community of photographers who have help made hundreds of cool filters. Try it! you will love it.


10. EyeEm (Free)


Now that you have captured your awesome photo with your favorite camera app and polished it in your favorite photo editing app, you want the world to see it. EyeEm is a great place where you can share your photos with other photographers from around the globe. EyeEm is a social network of photographers, where photographers all around the world share their best photos with the world. EyeEm also packs a cool set of its own photo editing features.


This concludes our list of the best photo editing apps and also our best photography apps for Android. If you think you know about a better app which we have not listed here, kindly let us know in the comments section below and we will happily add it to our list of best photography apps for Android.